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Noodle Factory @ Wafi

May 1, 2011

The meal we had at Noodle Factory, Wafi will remain in that one neuron in my brain forever. And I don’t mean it in a good way. Let me start my story by saying that we were supposed to feast on Spanish cuisine at Seville’s that night but unfortunately, the al fresco dining area was overbooked. So having no other choice, we went to the nearest restaurant which unfortunately was the Noodle Factory. Clearly, we were not expecting the following events to happen:

There was a kickboxing match at the Wafi Rooftop that night and the al fresco dining area of Noodle Factory has the best view of this event. So good that the waiters were all busy watching it with complete disregard to the diners who were seated in that area. When finally, one of the waiters stopped ignoring my and the boyfriend’s arms waving up in the air – we immediately ordered everything we want and told the waiter that we don’t mind if everything comes all at once, the appetizer, the soup and main course. After about 30mins, one of the appetizers finally came – or so we thought. I was not paying attention when they served it so when I saw it, I was kind of confused as it doesn’t look like what we ordered. I asked the boyfriend what the waiter told it was and he said “chicken something”, well we did order chicken satay but the food on our table wasn’t on a stick which I believe a satay should be. The boyfriend told me to taste it because maybe it’s how they cook/serve it. I took one piece and I was so sure after that one bite that it’s not a chicken satay. So we “tried” to call the waiter again but of course, all of them were either busy ignoring us or busy serving other people their food which was ordered 30mins ago. So when someone came, we told him our dilemma and he went back inside to tell the waiter who was serving our table about it. Both of them came out with sheepish grins on their face, then in what could be the most horrifying thing a waiter can ever do, he took the plate from my table and brought it to the table next to us and took the food on that table and brought it to ours. Everything happened so fast that all I could say was: are you sure this food is untouched? To which the waiter replied: yeah! it’s fine! in a-matter-of-factly way. I was so hungry at that time (mainly because it took them forever to bring us something to eat) and I am in no mood to start a fight with the waiter. And don’t forget the fact that I’ve already eaten a piece of what they have mistakenly served us which was then transferred to the table next to ours. Well, who knows? The spring rolls and chicken satays served to us may be lacking one piece as well. Oh boy!

In all fairness to the food served to us, it was fantastic! We had vegetable spring rolls (4 pcs, not sure if that was still the whole serving), chicken satay (4 sticks, not sure as well if that’s still the whole serving), miso soup, nasi goreng for me and pad thai for the boyfriend. Everything was cooked to perfection. The boyfriend who isn’t a big fan of Asian cuisine (as most of you probably know already), loved and i mean LOVED the pad thai. The nasi goreng on the other hand, was perfect in every way. It had that bit of a spicy sting in each spoonful of rice and the serving was huge! The ambiance as well was nice when we went there. So really, the only downside during this visit was the service (or lack thereof) we’ve received.

Will I go back? Well honestly? The service was so bad that I think it would be pure stupidity if I ever set my foot in that restaurant again. BUT never say never specially if the food I had there was great! The healing process from that horrible service may take some time though. 🙂

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