Another day of too much avail time (whoa! am i talking call-center jargons already?). Well yeah, avail time refers to the time when calls are at it’s best – scarce!!! :p So the question is, how am i doing in the call center industry? How am I really doing?


Frankly, the work is ok (pretty much the same with my previous work where all of the passengers can’t seem to make up their minds and all they want to do is change their flights), the calls are ok, my batchmates are THE best, I’ve adjusted already to the nightshift, 3 days off is heavenly!!! But the call-center environment itself is drastic.


Time = Money


Time = should not be wasted


It’s a hard adjustment for me since my world as a travel agent was very relaxed and lenient. Here’s how different they are:



Noemi as a Travel Agent in a Regular Travel Agency

* I can go on lunch for 2 hours and if it’s a lean season I can even shop at Glorietta. Hehehehe. For as long as I don’t have any pending reservations or ticket issuance, I’m good.

* I can go pee and drink anytime and as much time as i want.

* There’s no average handling time for the reservations and ticketing that I process. It’s actually just about managing your time well. Everybody’s request are URGENT so I have to decide which really IS urgent in terms of date of departure, urgency of the need or how nice the travel handler is to me. hehehehe. JOKE LANG!!!! (but in reality, that’s how it is “sometimes” hehehe)

* If there’s an underquote on ticket issuance or reissuance, I can just as easily charge it to the account on the next travel of the passenger. No worries.

* No politics. I have my own world as an implant officer on one of our accounts. I am my own boss.

* No conflicts with officemates, well actually there is an ongoing disagreement between the operations department and accounting department. But then aside from that, nothing else. And frankly, I don’t care if one of the accounting employees of my previous office read this blog, they know that they’re all inefficient. Get that? (where’s my backpay????)

* We can file a leave whenever we want. Cebu Pacific’s Piso Fare???? No problem, it’s a guarantee that you can file a leave for that specific travel dates that you want.

* You can choose not to answer a call if you’re too busy doing group reservations and ticketing. 🙂

* Normal working hours. 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.

* I get a pay which can actually just feed myself. I can’t even raise a dog with that pay.

* I am on-call everyday. Weekends, holidays, sick leaves and vacation leaves. So you really have to plan ahead of those leaves and make sure that you don’t have any pending works or if there’s any, make sure that it’s properly endorsed.. for me to be able to enjoy that well-deserved vacation.

* I rarely get “Thank You’s” for a job well done, no matter how crucial or how much effort you’ve exerted for a particular transaction, “Thank you” is a phrase rarely used. Too bad, it would’ve been so good to hear.


Naomi as a Travel Agent in a Call Center Industry

* There are only 3 30min breaks each day and you have to take it as it is. 30-MINUTES. No millisecond over it.

* I only have 10mins to do my personal things (eg. pee/drink) 10min for the whole day! Again, no millisecond over it.

* There’s an average handling time that I have to meet – 15mins. It means that I should be able to process the request of the passenger in 15 mins including the talk time.

* Underquote? And pax doesn’t want to pay the excess amount, that will be considered payout under your name. Tsk Tsk!

* Politics? Inside a call center? It won’t be a call center if there’s no politics. Deal with it!

* No conflicts with batchmates (well maybe with just the 2 of them hehehehe), for officemates…. hmmmm my lips are sealed. But most of them are nice to us though. “MOST”.

* Filing a pre-approved leave is like looking for a needle in a box full of rice grains.

* Not answering a call is like putting yourself inside an arena full of famished lions. Life-threatening. Suicidal. Can lead to termination. Not for the faint of hearts.

* Abnormal working hours. 11 hours/day, SUN-WED, 1730-0430. But I do get to have 3 days off. YEY!!!!!

* I get paid well. * wink * wink *

* What I see, what I hear, what I do, when I leave the office I leave it all there. At the end of the day, your time is all yours. Nobody will call you to have some work done for them.

* If you did a great job, you’ll get KUDOS from the company and the passenger. Otherwise, you’ll get KUTOS. :p


Hmmmmm….. So should it be NOEMI or NAOMI?


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