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November 20, 2010

in lieu with the eid al adha holiday, we here in the UAE got 3 days off for Monday to Wednesday. well, i got 6 (used my comp off for thursday and a weekend off for friday and saturday). i could have went back home to the philippines if i wasn’t broke. :p

i spent the first 3 days with the boyfriend eating out (using my entertainer vouchers before it expire) and drinking like there’s no tomorrow with his friends (using my staff discounts). i’m all about discounts, i’m cheap! so what? do you think i’d care? what surprised me was even if i was ordering double shots of vodka and beer (beers are bad ass for me, i usually get drunk after the second bottle) i never did get drunk. not a slightest hint of it. i don’t get it! well, maybe my tolerance for alcohol has sky-rocketed since i’ve been feeding my body with it like water (hello mom! relax, i’m not yet an alcoholic… :p) for how many months now. anyhow, i’d say the first 3 days was fun!

on the other hand, after the boyfriend left, i got this insatiable itch to go out and see people to preserve my sanity. i swear i thought i’d lose my mind staying in and not doing anything (that is after i’ve cleaned the room, did the laundry, ironed the clothes and cleaned the room again). the last time i felt like that was when i was hospitalized here in dubai and i had noone to talk to for those 5 days that i was in the hospital. i thought i was going crazy punching the pillows and throwing it at the wall, crying because noone was there to take care of me. well, even if someone was there, i couldn’t talk to them anyway as my throat was swollen but just to know that someone was there with me at that time, a presence of another human being, would make me feel better.

the last 3 days was not an exception (though i was not punching my pillows) but that feeling that i want to see people (doesn’t really matter if it’s a friend or just someone passing by minding their own business) and not be confined inside the walls of my room. it made me realize that i can’t live my life alone. i’m an extrovert. my source of energy is those that i get from people around me. haha! i can’t possibly spend a whole day reading a book inside my room or watching the whole season 6 of grey’s anatomy or chatting with people on YM or MSN. however, i can read a book in a cafe where other people are present. i can just lounge on a chair in the middle of a crowded place and just look at the people passing by (making fun of them sometimes). it’s not that i need to be with someone to do this, i just need to get out there and see the world outside the confines of my own room. and it is a very serious case for me.

i found myself at the rooftop pool the first day watching the kids splash water at each other like crazy and preferred to do that even if i hate kids rather than staying in my room staring at the ceiling. then i went to the nearby mall, walked around it without buying anything before i went back home and slept. i woke up and went to the salon opposite my building to have my eyebrows done even if it doesn’t need to be plucked yet but because that’s the cheapest service i can get from them without being questioned as to why i’m sitting inside their salon just looking at them like a fool. the second day got me so excited because i’ve made an appointment for waxing at a salon inside the dubai mall. so off i went to the biggest mall and got irritated because there were too many people blocking my way and i was already 15mins late for my appointment (i got lost, why is that mall too big anyway?). i found myself talking to the lady doing my waxing even if she only responds “hmm”, “uhuh”, “hihihi” to anything that i say (i reckon she understood none of the words i told her). then off i went clubbing with deny and watched some crazy people made a fool out of themselves on the dancefloor (that’s actually me and deny). and if there is really nothing left to do – i blog! i need to take it out of my system – the voices words in my head, so i blog.

the whole point of this blog is: I cannot survive my life alone. i can’t do the cast away thing. i’d probably kill myself if that ever happens to me or maybe make friends with a wild pig, i don’t know. if ever i commit a heinous crime and be sentenced to solitary confinement for the rest of my life, i’d probably ask them to just cut my head off rather than torturing me like that.

and because i can’t live my life alone, off i go now to the salon opposite my building to get my nail polish removed (which they said they can do for free). YAY!

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