Nightlife and Night Shifts in Dubai.

I had my first taste of Dubai’s nightlife last night with Marissa. We went to Jules Bar, a Filipino bar in Le Meridien Hotel. It was a bit awkward though as there were a lot of prostitutes in there. I never realized that it’ll be a very in-your-face kind of work in this Muslim city of Dubai. I thought it’s illegal here?

Anyway, the bands playing in Jules Bar were all good (of course, they’re Filipinos after all lol). We arrived at around 11:30pm and it was already packed. There’s an entrance fee of AED80 per person with 2 free beers. After getting ourselves each a bottle of beer, we searched for a good spot to dance, drink and have fun. We were first-timers in the nightlife scene of Dubai and we didn’t know the rules yet. Apparently, there are two sections in Jules Bar. The area near the bar is for the “working girls” while the area by the stage is for the people who are there for a good time and not to work for the night. Of course, not knowing these rules, we stayed in the “working girls” area. At some point, one of the “working girls” tapped me on the shoulder and told me that I was standing on her spot. I was confused but I stepped away from her because she looked really upset.

I then realized what’s happening around me. None of the women in the area we were in were dancing or having a good time. They’re all just sitting and standing there while trying to make eye contact to prospective clients. We were the only ones dancing and we basically looked like fools there.

Marissa was totally oblivious of what’s going on because I didn’t tell her what happened. The area for normal people was too crowded anyway so we’ll have to stay in the working area for the night. I was curious as to how they “work” so I observed what’s going on around me. Eye contact, that’s all it takes. Meaningful eye contact to be specific. Men will approach the women who they’ve made eye contact with and they’d talk for a bit. Most probably to negotiate the price. Afterwards, either the man will walk away or walk out of the bar with the woman. Sometimes, the woman will come back and take her spot again after a few minutes sans the man. I guess the job’s done.

It’s funny really. I had a great time at the bar but I think knowing how businesses were conducted in a bar made this nightout a bit more educational for me. That’s Dubai for you newjoiners. :p


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