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September 4, 2008

I like someone, that’s not such an original one. But that someone actually, honest-to-goodness likes me back. Yes ladies and gentlemen, I could not believe it either. Am so used to my same old stories such as:

1. i like someone, but that someone likes me only as a friend

2. i like someone, but that someone likes somebody else

3. someone likes me, but i don’t like that someone ‘coz i like that someone who likes me only as a friend and that someone who likes somebody else

4. i settle to being a friend for that someone

BUT NOW!!!!!!! it’s surreal, a dream…. i feel like somebody’s bound to slap me hard to wake me up from this delusion. this is just so new to me that i could not fathom the idea of it being real.

so someone i like, likes me back. it’s the thing that i have been asking for the longest time. he calls me at every chance he get, he says he misses me, he sends me SMS althroughout the day and he sets up date and actually show up on that date. (i’ve dated too many wankers in dubai). for the first time, someone finally took notice of my worth. that i am worth his time and effort.

BUT (oh crap! here it goes)

he won’t be staying for long here in dubai. and i remain cynical about long distance relationships (it never works). just my luck! and so typical for my life. there will always be a big BUT which will make or break the situation (usually it’s break).

it’s not like i’ve known this guy just now, i’ve known him since i came here in dubai. but just like the situation now, we both knew then that he won’t be staying for long or if he is even going back to dubai. so it was a whirlwind of too many confusing things yet enjoyed what little time we’ve got then. and now that he’s back, it was me who he was eager to spend time with for as long as he’s here. and just getting a call from him and his voice all giddy and excited towards seeing me made my heart flutter in excitement. i am remembered. and that’s a very nice thought.

but knowing that it will end soon and am not up for any summer romance (since summer is almost over) i tend to resort to the self-preservation side of thinking. don’t dwell on it much as it’s not going to happen anyway. but who knows? maybe it will work out fine, maybe we’ll do everything to work it out, maybe he’ll suddenly move here for good (which won’t happen unless he quit his job that he really likes) or maybe, just maybe, i’ll move to his country (but i like it here, this is my home now)

so much to my disappointment and with painful efforts that only i can manage – i detach myself from him. that although we like each other, there should be no feelings invested in it (suppressing my feelings towards other people has been my forte eversince i came here in dubai, it’s a self-preservation tactic that every girl living in dubai must have). enjoy what life has to offer while it lasts, the silver platter will lose its class sooner or later….

P.S. i certainly believe that i attract complicated things.

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  • Reply drippingmind September 7, 2008 at 08:15

    I think the emotional connection is enough reason for you to consider.

    Long distance relationships has its own advantages. A true test of commitment and priorities to both of you.

    Giving more time to the “connection” would be fair, I think. I understand the uncertainty, but do consider the possibilities and opportunities if you give it a try. It starts with a decision to give it a shot, if the bet is worth the effort,:-)

    We only know the present, who knows what might happen tommorow,:-). Goodluck!

    P.S. Sometimes, complicated things are worth “uncomplicating”, 🙂 cheers!

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