New Year’s Eve.

Day 2! Woo hoo! :p

New Year’s Eve is quite a big event here in the UAE. For reasons I don’t really know, my friends were able to convince me to go to Wafi Pyramids to celebrate New Year’s Eve. I really wanted to go to Nasimi Beach for their Sandance NYE party but because I wanted to be with my friends and they’re all playing cheapos to pay AED250 as an entrance fee to a beach party with magnificent fireworks – I agreed to go with them to Wafi instead. I can’t say that Wafi’s party sucked because I still had a great time with my friends there. All I’m saying is, it could’ve been better if there were fireworks. There’s nothing really exciting and extraordinary in Wafi – AED195 with 3 free drinks but just an open-air bar and dancefloor. Anyway, growing up in the Philippines where everyone (kids and adults alike) will have some sort of fireworks in their hands when the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve – I just can’t accept the fact that I didn’t see any this year. The boyfriend was quite disappointed too.

BUUUUUUT, with or without fireworks – I still had a great time with my friends. Photos or it didn’t happen, so here they are:

How about you? Did you see any fantastic fireworks during NYE? Show me! Show me! Show me! 🙂

Happy 2012!


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