Netflix Series (and Movies) Worth Watching To Cure Your Boredom

I've received quite a few requests from friends asking for Netflix recommendations, I got tired of giving it to them individually so I thought I'd just compile them all in one post. :)

First and foremost, I hope you’re all keeping well and safe with enough food and toilet papers (apparently) to last for a few days. I also hope that you’re not one of those people who emptied supermarket shelves because that’s just disgusting and selfish, if you are – please re-examine your life choices because there’s something wrong with you.

So anyway, with lots of people working from home or some in self-isolation these days because of the C-word, I’ve received quite a few messages from friends asking me for Netflix TV series and movie recommendations. They know that I’m such a bum during my days off and can survive in movies and tv series alone. I’m not a movie critic, I think I just watch way too much TV when I’m home.

I got tired of thinking what movies or tv series to recommend so I thought maybe I should write a post about it and just give it to friends who asks. You may find my selection quite weird specially with my obsession on true crime documentaries (if you haven’t watched Making A Murderer, start with that) and foreign language films. The thing is though, I don’t like movies that rely heavily on special effects, explosions and gore. So if you’re looking for that, you might want to turn away now. Here’s just some of the things I would highly recommend for you to binge on.

True Crime Documentaries

Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez is a true crime documentary about the convicted killer and former professional American football player. More than the crime he committed, you’ll have an idea of how American football is not just a sport but an enterprise in the US, a huge money-making machine and the privilege it comes with is disgusting. 

Don’t F**k With Cats: Hunting An Internet Killer – don’t let the title fool you. It may have started out as a hunt for a cat killer (they didn’t show the actual killing of the cat though) but the twist and turns of this series is mindblowing. Social media’s effect on people is different, some people seek fame through whatever means while some use it to solve crimes. 

Time: The Kalief Browder Story is about a 16 year old who spent three long years in a maximum security prison without ever being convicted of a crime. Yes, you read that right. Three years in maximum prison and he was not even convicted, he was just a suspect. If that won’t make you angry as it is then the racism, the police brutality and the mental effects it brought to this teenager probably will. 

Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes – I thought there was no point in doing this series because everyone knows what Ted Bundy did and what happened to him but apparently, I didn’t know every single thing. Some of the things he did in prison caught me by surprise. 

The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez is the most heartbreaking documentary I have ever seen. I had to distract myself and not pay attention to what was being narrated in some parts of it because I couldn’t handle the details. It’s about the brutal death of a kid in the hands of his mother and his mother’s boyfriend. It’s also the failure of an entire community to protect an innocent child, this gave me all kinds of emotions – sadness, anger and grief. 

Evil Genius started with a man with a bomb locked around his neck who walked into a bank – how this story turned out is beyond me. I definitely wasn’t expecting it to have so much action in the very first episode.  It’s a very disturbing story with a mix of unsavory characters. 

The Staircase is about a man who was charged of killing his wife. I really don’t know what to make of this because one episode will make me feel that he’s guilty but the next will tell me that he’s not. The evidence, the narrative and the motive made it such a complicated case. I probably wouldn’t be able to give a verdict if I was part of the jury.

The Confession Killer is about the incompetence of the police force more than the killer himself. Henry Lee Lucas confessed to hundreds of killings and his story is so unique I actually felt sorry for him at some point. 

Dream/Killer is about Ryan Fergusson’s quest for justice and his father’s fight to get him out of jail. Corruption is part of this story and Kathleen Zellner (yes, the same Kathleen Zellner of Making A Murderer) represented him – I wouldn’t tell you if she won or not. Just watch it. 

Long Shot is your typical racial profiling story and putting an innocent person in jail just to close a case.  The crime was committed while he was in a baseball game and the way they proved his innocence is something that’s possibly never done before. It will also make you think that you need all the luck in the world if in case you’re in a similar situation (which I hope none of you will ever be).

The Pharmacist is a story of a father’s resilience to find justice for his murdered son. I have to admit that he’s annoying at times but you probably will be too if you’re in his situation. I actually think in the end he’s a hero.

While it’s not really your typical true crime documentary, this story is so riveting. After losing his memory due to an accident, Alex’s twin brother Marcus helped him gain back everything he must know about his life but skipping on some horrific family secret. Tell Me Who I Am is a heartbreaking story about two brothers protecting each other, I cried so much when they finally sat and talked about it, the rawness of emotion is simply heartbreaking. 

The Devil Next Door is about a grandfather living in Cleveland who was accused to be Ivan The Terrible, a Nazi death camp guard and was sent to Israel to face trial. The trial itself was heartbreaking with some witnesses recalling their time in prison camps on the stand. Again, each episode gave me different opinion about him – sometimes he’s guilty, sometimes he’s not. 

Basically, Bikram is a disgusting human being (if you can call him that) and you shouldn’t be going to any yoga studios which carry his name. 

Audrie & Daisy is about two teenagers who had very similar experiences – they went to a party, got drunk and were sexually assaulted. Instead of being protected, they were blamed for what happened to them. Social media, bullying, power and victim blaming are just some of the things which make our world so f*cked up these days and is clearly evident in this story. 

Sports Documentaries

I’m not a fan of Formula 1 in fact, before watching this series I only know Schumacher’s and Hamilton’s names as Formula 1 drivers. This documentary is so very well done though that it held my attention from start to finish, it’s too exciting sometimes that I find myself cheering for the drivers when it’s not even a live race. After the second season, I will be rooting for Albon in this year’s Formula 1. :p

Losers is about, well the biggest losers of each sports. I constantly find myself cheering for the underdogs so this documentary fits me well. My favourite is the redemption story of Torquay United, loved the dog! :p

Maradona in Mexico is as entertaining as it sounds, it’s his story of being Dorados’ team coach, the underdogs of Culiacan, Mexico. He’s actually really funny and damn he can dance!

UPPITY: The Willy T. Ribbs Story is the story of a car racing African-American driver who proved his worth in an all-white sports. Again, my love for the underdogs was triggered in this documentary. 

Not your usual teenage flick, Cheer is more than that. I played it just as a background noise while I was cleaning the house but I ended up sitting down and being engrossed by it, house cleaning can wait. It’s not only about cheering itself but the resilience of each student to be the best in what they do as well as a person. 

To Trigger Your Wanderlust

The Trip is about the importance of good food and amazing sceneries in a somewhat toxic friendship. It’s basically just Coogan and Brydon exploring the world while eating good food and impersonating popular actors (my favourite is their Hopkins’ impersonation). It’s like eavesdropping on someone else’s conversations.

To be quite honest, I don’t get why they had to do this but nevertheless – The Dawn Wall made me include Yosemite National Park in our California Roadtrip last year. It was breathtaking to see it in person and thinking about this documentary whilst there gave me anxiety. Lol. 

I didn’t like it the first time I watched it because it was obviously scripted but it kinda grew on me and appreciated it for what it is. Basically, it’s about a father and son’s adventures around the world who are the complete opposite of each other. I think I enjoyed their USA trip the best. 

It’s not a documentary I know but On Chesil Beach is so beautiful I just had to include it. Filming locations were set in London, Oxford and Dorset and I specially loved it because I’ve seen most of the places they’ve filmed it in person. Saoirse is also my favourite actress and she’s absolutely brilliant in this film. 

For General Viewing Pleasure 🙂

For movie afficionados like me, this documentary is a must watch! It’s about the back story of the most popular films of all time – some of them almost didn’t finish in time because of its very low budget. It’s very entertaining and enriches your trivia knowledge about these films, I highly recommend it. 

It’s the real life Black Mirror episode, The Great Hack will make you think about your next social media post. I think everyone needs to watch this specially those who are susceptible to believing fake news online. 

The script and the acting are both horrendous but give it time, it will grow on you because the storyline of The Stranger is actually really interesting. I somehow figured out what’s going on though after the first few episodes but there’s still a bit of mystery in it either ways. 

There’s only one actor, one setting and everything happened in one night but The Guilty is possibly one of the most anxiety-inducing films I’ve ever seen. I was seriously holding my breathe as I watched it. Extremely well done and goes to show you don’t need special effects or any kinds of explosions to make a movie exciting – all you need is a good storyline and great acting. 

The description says it’s dog action which couldn’t be more literal. Lol. One of the main antagonist of Bullet Head is a crazy dog, I had my feet up on our couch the entire time we were watching it because I was afraid I’d get bitten by an imaginary dog in our apartment. Lol. It’s definitely a thrill to watch! 

I felt like the whole movie’s on crack! Uncut Gems was so intense that it stressed me out so much. So good to see Adam Sandler doing something so different from his normal goofy characters in really stupid movies. This one’s absolutely well done!

Few actors, one setting and great storyline – it’s my kind of tv series. Each episode is about different cases and you’ll just have to keep guessing if the suspect is guilty or not. There are different versions of this series from different countries – I’ve watched them all except for France which I still have to finish. 🙂

I still have so many movies and tv series to include in this post but I’m tired now, I’ll update this as and when I have the free time to do this again. I’d appreciate it as well if you’ll give me some of your own recommendations. 🙂


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