Ned’s Sunday Feast

Ned's Sunday Feast, London, England
The closest I got to having one of Dubai’s famous Friday brunches here in London is at the Ned’s Sunday Feast. While it doesn’t have the unlimited alcoholic drinks as Friday brunches normally have in Dubai, you get to eat unlimited oysters and lobsters which is so much better for a non-alcoholic person like I am.

I’ve been to Ned’s Sunday Feast twice BC (before Covid-19) and I loved it both times. It has easily become my favourite brunch here in London for mainly two things – oysters and lobsters which you can eat as many as you want in a span of your allotted two hours.

It happens every Sunday (as the name suggests) from lunch to dinner times. We always prefer to go for lunch so we’ll have time to recover from it in the evening. It’s so popular that you need to book it at least 2 months in advance to get a table. That was before the pandemic.

Ned's Sunday Feast, London, England

The memory of mourning when all the food establishments closed here in London is still fresh in my mind as we all quarantined ourselves in the comforts of our own home and cooked our own meals. The horror! So heartbreaking.

Finally, quarantine was lifted and food establishments were allowed to operate again. Slowly, the city came to life. I’m basically following mostly restaurants on Facebook so I get to see which ones are opening and when I saw that the Ned is doing its Sunday Feast again – I booked it right away.

Ned's Sunday Feast, London, England

It was only the second Sunday Feast since lockdown was lifted when we went – there were a lot of new rules imposed during your meal. The buffet now has a glass divider and the staff will serve the food to you – I wasn’t a fan of it because I always prefer to get my own food in a buffet without being judged. Lol.

For instance, I asked for two whole lobsters but the staff only gave me one whole lobster – I mean it’s nice for her to think that I couldn’t finish two whole lobsters but it was tiring to get back up again and ask for another one every time I finish one. Lol. I would have preferred to have a mountain of oysters on my plate too but the staff just gave me several pieces of it. I’m grateful that they think I can’t finish it all but I’m far from being petite. When it comes to lobsters and oysters, all self-respect goes out the window and I’d eat it all like a mad woman.

Ned's Sunday Feast, London, England

They also have a roast section which I ignored completely. I wouldn’t waste a space in my stomach (or calorie intake) for meat when there’s a mountain of lobsters and oysters waiting to be tackled at the other side. 

The service has also gone downhill, table service for drinks was borderline non-existent and when they finally remember that you’ve ordered a beer, the drink isn’t even cold. The table service was so bad that if it was my first Sunday Feast experience I wouldn’t have gone back. But I know that this isn’t their normal service so I’m hopeful that this is just a teething problem for them with all the new covid-19 protocols imposed.

But for £60 per person and I got to eat lobsters and oysters (maybe not as much as I would have wanted to but more than enough) I can’t really complain much.

Ned’s Sunday Feast

£60 per person for a buffet meal and a glass of prosecco upon arrival

£130 per person with unlimited champagne

Every Sunday from midday to 8pm

For more information, visit their website here.

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Ned's Sunday Feast, London, England

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  • Vinneve September 1, 2020 at 10:03

    Wow!! looks so delicious and beautifully presented. I agree with you about the new normal of a buffet, it’s not really great asking many times for a refill. They will surely judge you on what you eat and how much. I don’t like it too as I eat a lot haha!

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