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Nasimi Beach at Atlantis Hotel

November 19, 2010

i’ve already reviewed this bar last year here and well i must say that a lot has changed! :p

the ambiance: is still fantastic! whatever it is that i said about 360 as being the best al fresco bar in dubai i’d like to take it back. 360 only comes second after nasimi beach. why? because nasimi is a beach bar for crying out loud! people go there in their bikinis and trunks and their washboard-all-tanned-up-6-holy-pack abs! as a background of this already magnificent view, there’s the skyscrapers of dubai. combine all these with a good, relaxing music, chill out music – then it already is paradise for me.

staff: are confused most of the time. you need to actually follow the guy upto the bar to give you some drinks because more often than not, they will forget that you’ve ordered. it was also very disappointing for me that the first waiter who was assisting us advised me that yes, i can get a staff discount from them but as soon as it’s already time to pay for the bill – another waiter told us that the discount was discontinued the previous month. it’s not about the money nor is it about the discount, it’s about the fact that their staff are not well-informed about what’s going on with their bar. i actually wouldn’t mind if he has already told us the first time that the discount is no longer valid. anyway, it just ruined the evening for me.

food: the calamari, as previously mentioned on the first review, was still outstanding though. it’s the best calamari in dubai, hands down. 🙂

price: well for 5 people, the bill was around AED770. i’m not particularly sure how many shots of vodkas, bottles of beer and shots of scotch were ordered but nevertheless, i do believe that it’s still on the pricier side.

rating: 6 out of 10. 3 points for the ambiance and 3 points for the calamari. :p

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