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December 14, 2012

We celebrated the boyfriend’s friend’s name day last night. For the Greeks, the name day is more of a celebratory day than their actual birthdays, don’t ask me why ‘coz I don’t get it either. It’s customary for the Greeks to have a name day which is normally the feast day of the saint that they were named after. I think it’s not only Greeks who celebrate it but a lot of other European countries as well.

Anyway, would you believe that Greeks celebrate it in a Filipino way too? The celebrant pays for the party and not given a party. Suffice it to say, we had free booze last night sponsored by the celebrant. Too bad I wasn’t feeling very well else, I would have drank more than I did.

We first went to Nelson’s in Media Rotana, which is slowly becoming our favorite go-to pub these days. It’s near our place and I get 40% discount. Yay! Then we tried the club in the same hotel, Rare the Place which I believe is a brothel camouflaged as a nightclub. We arrived at around 1145pm and there were about 20 people inside a very cramped space and a few very bored waiters. Half of the girls there were probably working for the night, eyeing some prospective clients at the bar. It was RNB night, so that probably explains some people dressed in jeans so baggy it can probably fit another person inside it other than the one wearing it and people with such HUGE gold-plated blings. I thought those days are over and the ship which brought that sleazy fashion statement has sailed a long time back, I was mistaken. We stayed until half-past midnight and when we got out of the club, there was a small queue of people trying to get in and they were charging for an entrance fee which I believe is such a joke since they really don’t have anything to offer to those poor fellas. I’m not really sure if it was really that bad or it was just a bad timing to go there that day or if I’m just really too old now to go clubbing? Whatever it is, I am not going back there.

We then went to Belgian Beer Cafe to cap the night off in the nearby Grand Millenium Hotel. I had my favorite cherry beer and guys had Triple Karmeliet which is apparently 8.4% alcohol. The boyfriend who is normally unbreakable when it comes to drinking binge got drunk after just one bottle. LOL. I think I’ll have my friends drink that on my next birthday, it’ll save me a lot of money.


Photo credits: brusselspictures dot com

What were you upto last night?


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