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My weekend in a nutshell.

April 25, 2011

To say that my weekend was supercalifragialisticexpialidocious is the understatement of the year. Memory is a bit hazy due to lack of sleep and too many alcoholic drinks consumed BUT I will try my very best to remember what transpired each day.

Tuesday: yes dear friends, my weekend started Tuesday. Met up with the Rodriguez family to give them the vouchers and all the whatnots that they need during their one week stay in Dubai. Their itinerary includes, but not limited to: Aquaventure Waterpark trip (for the kids), sailing the Arabian gulf (for the sailor in my friend), desert safari, hot air balloon ride, skydiving and lots and lots of dinners in the prime spots of Dubai. I was able to join NONE of the said activities because our schedules didn’t meet. Oh well, I was bombarded by messages on Facebook though to ask me some random questions like: I need to buy deodorant, where’s the nearest supermarket?

Wednesday: I was off and finally, I was able to apply for my UAE ID card which is long overdue. The Gilbert family, the ones who adopted me when I went to Goa, also arrived in Dubai and I was supposed to meet them up that night. Unfortunately, I was too tired to function and thought I’d just drop by early the next morning.

Thursday: After leaving the vouchers for the Gilbert family at their hotel’s reception desk, I met up with a friend for a quick coffee who arrived from Qatar to spend the whole weekend in Dubai. After work, I watched the Maroon 5 concert at the Trade Center arena which went as a big surprise for me. You see, I’m not a very big fan of Maroon 5 and I always thought that they’re in between a pop band and a boyband. I never realized that the pretty lead singer can do some badass guitar strumming. But I still believe he’s gay. Is he? Well anyway, after the concert we went to Warehouse for some drinks and for whatever reason, I got drunk after the third glass of margarita. There’s something wrong with their margaritas.

Friday: Nursing a bad headache, we went to Shakespeare & Co. at Souk Al Bahar for brunch with the Gilbert family. Well the place is fantastic and it will always be the first thing which will pop up in my mind if a guest is visiting and would like to have breakfast or lunch somewhere. First it has the view of the humongous Burj Khalifa, second the place is not a pain to go to compared to Jumeira Beach Residence (which is also a good place for breakfast) where you’ll be stuck in a bumper-to-bumper traffic specially on weekends. After brunch, I brought them to Madinat for a quick photo shoot of the Burj Al Arab and off we went to Mall of the Emirates for them to try the Ski Dubai. We had our dinner at Noodle Factory in Wafi (which has the worst service you can ever find in the whole of UAE) and that needs a totally different entry. Haha!

Saturday: I went to work and had an Easter dinner, Greek style at Elia restaurant in Majestic Hotel. I LOVED IT! Specially their traditional Easter soup made from all the internal organs you can think of of a lamb. 🙂 I’m a Filipino, so that’s really nothing to me. It was a 5-course dinner which was really very filling and everybody was drunk afterwards. I was kind of disappointed though as I was expecting them to suddenly stand up, dance around with their arms linked to each other and start breaking plates and glasses. WOPPA! Noone did it. 🙁

Sunday: I’m off again and spent most of the day on the bed, sleeping. We went to Seville’s for a Spanish dinner together with the queer friends. I have never laughed so hard like I laughed that night in a very long time. For some stupid reasons, only the queer friends can make me laugh that way. GOD SAVE THE QUEER! ‘coz they make my life so enjoyable. ha ha! We started taking shots of drinks that I can’t even spell nor pronounce after our very filling dinner, all I know is it taste so good when it hit your lips and leave your throat burning. So good that you’ll be asking for more. And more drinks were consumed indeed. We went home with one eye open and one eye shut.

Monday: Made me so proud of myself that after all of those things, I was able to wake up (against my will of course) and go to work in time.

So yeah, my weekend was more than awesome!

P.S. I feel like I’m the worst Filipino for not having photos of anything I did/had during that awesome weekend. 🙁 Sorry kabayans!

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