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my very short engagement

May 30, 2009

you don’t need a PhD to keep up with the senseless conversation.

N: so how are you coping up with the brokenheart?

A: look whos talking.

A: having someone who likes you as much as you like him doesnt make u an expert on relationships

N: that bad huh?

A: what?

N: the brokenheart? You;re being grumpy.

A: shut up. Im always grumpy, try working with a bunch of assholes lets see if u wont get grumpy.

N: ooooooooohhhhhhh frankenstein’s havin a bad day

A: fuck off.

A: and how u doing? No dramas??? Miss ur shenanigans

N: nothing for now but will have soon. Can’t wait! Yay!

A: ur boytoy comin?

N: nahhhhh. U talked to her yet?

A: will have to when get back to sydney. Can’t wait! Yay!

N: hahahahahahaahahha

N: well, goodluck with that my friend.

A: thanks you

N: ill give u a proposal

A: whats that?

N: lets do that cheesy crap

A: which is????

N: if i reach 35 and were still single, we’ll get married whether we like it or not.

A: thats a thought… giv me while to think about it.

N: you’re too old to play hard-to-get

A: why does it have to be when you reach that certain age? I say when i reach 35 and were still both single we get married.

A: am not playing hard to get just weighing the consequences. It’s a big decision marrying you.

N: 5 yrs from now???? Was giving u 10yrs to get over the brokenheart u got now….. :p and big decision? You can always call it off… not like u havent done that just recently. Hahahahahahahaha

A: fuck you!

N: i love you too! 🙂

N: i got some conditions though

A: and that is????

A: DING!!!

N: i need to have monthly allowance for my shopping, manicure, pedicure, waxing, spa and we need to go out of the country every 6 months. Also, if am working late – dont expect me to be cooking dinner for u. and all the food that i cook are delicacies, u cant complain on that. on weekends, i will go out with my girlfriends whether u like it or not. Last but not the least, divorce is not option for you but it is for me.

A: u shud put – GIVE ME ALL UR MONEY as your condition to save you typing all those things.

N: you cant give me all ur money. U need some to buy me “surprise” presents.hahahaha

A: cheeky girl. I have only one condition.

N: whats that?

A: i make the decisions. I decide where u go for shopping, manicure, pedicure, spa, waxing and which country we go to and till what time u can stay with ur girlfriends.

A: i will bring u to the cheapest places u can ever imagine.

N: ur not the boss of me.

A: i will be if we get married

N: then am filing for divorce!!!!!!

A: fine!

N: FINE!!!!!!!!

A: this is the shortest engagement i’ve ever had.

N: you and me both. hahahahahahaha

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