My second trip for the year, USA-bound.

Maryland, USA

When I resigned from my travel industry job last year, I had one free ticket left that I can use anytime before August of 2015. I didn’t want to waste it so I booked it for a flight back to my Mom’s place in the US this month so I can witness spring. That way, I would’ve completed the four seasons that they have. Using a staff ticket during the start of summer in the Middle East is a bit suicidal though since most of the flights are full with everyone trying escape the indescribable heat of the region. I was originally booked to fly in to New York since the Washington flights were all booked up but at the very last minute at Dubai airport, I was able to change it to an IAD flight plainly because there’s no way for me to get on that New York flight. Woot woot!

Standby status

That standby status, which all airline staff dread. :p

On the flight, I had a small fight with a passenger who took my window seat. I’m not really a window seat person but since I was a standby passenger, I really have no choice of the seat as they’d just give me whichever is available at the very last minute. I was actually going to ask anyone seating on an aisle seat if they’d like to change with me so you might be wondering why I even had a fight with the passenger if I’m not after the window seat anyway. It was how the passenger assumed that they can just take anyone’s seat on a flight without asking permission first which got me upset, of course being the very opinionated lady that I am, I gave him piece of my mind. He backed off when some other passengers took my side. Hah!

Also during the flight, the lady sitting beside me had a fight with the lady sitting in front of her who reclined her seat all the way down. I do understand both passengers’ point but I am more inclined to side with the lady sitting beside me. I don’t recline my seat all the way down on a flight just so I won’t bother the person sitting behind me and you know, just to give them some breathing space for themselves. We’re all aware that economy class seats of any airlines isn’t very comfortable so why should I worsen that for someone else by reclining my seat?

After 13 grueling hours, we’ve arrived finally at Dulles International Airport. The line at the immigration area was horrendous and long, it took me about an hour. My sister picked me up and we went straight to her house. The greenery around me as we drove down the highway made me smile, surely we don’t get that in the Middle East where I live.

Maryland, USA

The backroads towards my sister’s house.

5 months has gone from my last visit but it felt like I never left the US. The roads, the houses, the trees – everything looked all so familiar to me that I felt like I was in the US the whole time and never really left. I guess that’s how being at home feels like and as you know, even though I grew up in the Philippines, home is where your mother’s cooking is. Lol.

Maryland, USA

I’m home! 🙂

I’ll be staying here for a month before going back to Doha and I’m planning to make the most out of it. I’m very excited with all the adventures ahead of me. 🙂


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  • Anonymous May 19, 2015 at 22:44

    so jealous of your good fortune :((

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