My Mom is Here.

Right, so it has been 6 days since my mom arrived and lots of things have happened. I was planning to do a diary-kind of blog to update you all of what’s been happening on a daily basis but I found no time to blog, my mind is a whirlwind of thoughts for the past few days and I have no idea how to put these thoughts into words – so i skipped blogging and uploaded photos instead on facebook – a picture can say a thousand words. 🙂

so let me try to remember what has happened:

day 1, November 5: i did not see my mom anywhere when i walked in the airport. i know i will not see her right away due to my near-sighted eyes so i was looking for a marhaba agent on yellow jacket instead. i started walking towards my right where the marhaba office is when i heard someone screaming: Mi! Mi! (family calls me MiMi and whenever they’re feeling lazy and cute they call me Mi for short). so i looked on my left and found a rather small lady standing beside a Marhaba service agent so I ran to her and screamed: MOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMYYYYYYY!!!!!! we hugged for about 8 seconds and the first thing I told her was: “Mommy, ang liit liit mo pala.” (Mommy, I didn’t know you were so small…). I was literally towering over my mom. She has aged as well, gracefully. It saddened me because I was not able to bear witness to this graceful aging of my mother. Nonetheless, her energy level was too much. I thought after traveling across the globe for nearly 24hours (21 hours to be exact) she would be dead-tired and beat but she was walking faster than I was and was talking non-stop about her flight, how good Emirates is as an airline, the people she met before/during/after the flight and my blue-eyed nephew who’s the apple of her eye right now. She wanted to have a peking duck for dinner and there’s only one place i can think of which has a good peking duck that i’ve tasted – the noodle house. Haha, not fancy but not bad for a short-notice. we went to madinat’s branch of noodle house and enjoyed a sumptous feast of chinese food. yum yum!

day 2, November 6: after having lunch in Deira where I used to live with our family friend in the Philippines, we went to do our grocery and headed back to the apartment to cook it. we have about 5 hours to kill before my brother, aunt, sister-in-law and cousin arrive. so i watched her cook the food for tomorrow’s party while she tells me all the things i wanted to ask her: about why she went to the US then, the reason why she and my dad got separated and a lot of other things that happened when i was still oblivious of what’s going on around me when i was a kid. with all these stories, i realized that me and my mom have a lot in common: 1. we both know what we want and what we deserve; 2. we will not tolerate anyone who will belittle our race, family, nationality and 3. we are both forgiving no matter how much a person have hurt us.

by 10:30 in the evening, we went to the airport to fetch the Manila group and am very proud to say that my brother cried and i did not the first i saw my mom. haha! :p

day 3, November 7: we had a get-together dinner party in the apartment, i invited my friends and former flatmates. my mother wants to meet the people who she sees on the photos that i send her. she recognized Deny and Jacqui easily of course. 🙂 all throughout the night, i kept hearing things like:

“ang kwela ng mommy mo” – your mom is cool..
“ang sarap kakwentuhan ng mommy mo” – i enjoy talking to your mom
“ang bait ng mommy mo” – your mom is nice
“ang sarap ng kaldereta” – the kaldereta (filipino cuisine) is really good
“panalo ang salmon” – the salmon fish is great
“hingi ako ng recipe ng salmon” – can i have the recipe of the salmon?
“ang puti pala ng mommy mo” – i didn’t know that your mom is fair-skinned

she’s all that and many more… and i’m so proud of her. 🙂

day 4, November 8: after our church visit (my family being a devout catholic :p), i brought them to downtown burj dubai to have a view of the tallest tower in the world – Burj Dubai, the biggest aquarium in the world inside the biggest mall in the world – Dubai Mall. hahaha. i find the last one hard to believe though. in the afternoon, we went on a desert safari and they loved it. of course i got the one from arabian adventures, i don’t use any other suppliers except for them. not because i get staff discount (it’s AED280 with the discount which is still more expensive compared to the other safaris) but they truly are the best. the campsite is clean and exclusive, the desert is a conservation reserve of dubai thus you’ll be able to see a lot of desert wildlife (we saw a sidewinder snake while there) and since it’s exclusive and rather expensive, the site is not at all very crowded. i overheard an american man’s comment on the toilet of the campsite: “this is the toilet??? it’s better than the ones we have at the country club..”

day 5, November 9: i brought them to Burj Dubai to have the seven star hotel experience. Dubai is not Dubai without a show-around inside this majestic hotel. My mom liked it specially when she saw a half-view of Palm Jumeira. We then headed on to Wild Wadi (Atlantis is way better and much nicer for my taste but it’s just too expensive for us :p) where my brother and cousin spent the whole day surfing and taking the plunge on the giant slides.


my cousin trying to get hold of the board. :p


my brother taking the plunge… :p

day 6, November 10: we were supposed to have dinner at calabar in the address hotel but were kicked out because my cousin is only 18. haha! so we had dinner at Urbano restaurant instead, an Italian pizzeria in front of the “biggest” musical fountain in the world (hahaha! dubai is really arrogant i think) in souk al bahar. my aunt who’ve practically travelled all over the world told us that the one in Bellagio in Las Vegas is way better (musical fountain and colorful lights in one) but the one in souk al bahar may really be bigger. with a full stomach we headed home and dozed off to sleep.

day 7, November 11: i didn’t put any activities to do for today and wants this day to be spent inside the apartment as a family. this is their last day, tomorrow the Manila group will catch the flight at 10am while my mom will take a 2am flight on Friday. 🙁

i had a great week, no doubt about it. it may just have been 7 days for us which is practically too short for an 18-year longing but it’s better than nothing. i love my mother and i love her more after this week. she’s a good soul with an optimistic look in life. she believes that everyone is kind by nature, you just have to bring it out of them. twice she was able to cool me down when am about to wreck havoc against the cab driver who’s being a smart ass and the hotel receptionist who my friends have complained about when we had our get-together dinner. too bad am not like her on this perspective, i have the shortest temper. hahaha!

i love my mommy and i will definitely miss her again when she leaves. but unlike the longing that i’ve felt before she came here, i know that this is just the start of the many other vacations that we are going to have together and i can’t wait for that to happen. 🙂

she will leave tomorrow night and i am 200% sure that my waterworks will run dry when she leaves.

i hate it when people leaves…. but thankful that i had a week with her.


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