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My F*ck it list!

April 15, 2011

I’m not really sure if I’ve ever made a bucket list for myself (trying to search thru all the posts I’ve done and can’t find any so maybe I haven’t) but here are the things that I’ve wanted all my life but figured out that it’s better off without it and life is just too short to want something you know you can’t really have (or maybe will take another lifetime for you to have). Call me a pessimist but I’d rather deal with something which isn’t aloof at me rather than exhausting my energies on impossible (for now) things. Saying F*ck it releases tension and allowing you to give up things which aren’t working and focusing on the things that you’ve taken for granted and has been there right in front of you all along. So yeah! f*ck these things:

1. My foot setting into the land of the free.
– I’ve always danced this painful tango with the consulate of the US of A and they have been refusing to give me a visa since I was 11 years old. Haha! I don’t know, maybe my name sounds like someone who’s capable of blowing herself up in the middle of a crowded street or maybe, they think that with my “awesomeness” I can easily get a job there and leave my fantastic job working for a company which gives me and my family unlimited free tickets to any destination I can think of. When all I wanted to do was to see my mother, our house in Maryland and my cute little nephew and of course, to do my meditation pose in the middle of Times Square in New York City and post it on Facebook. Well I guess it won’t be happening soon so I stopped pursuing the mighty eagle and brought my mother here to Dubai instead to have our family reunion (after 17 years of not seeing her) and off I went to Netherlands (and to a lot of other European countries too) to do my meditation pose and posted it on Facebook.

What to do in Netherlands apart from smoking pot and watching nude girls? Meditate with the cows.

So yeah, I tell you what – I’ll skip the US of A altogether and discover the rest of the world. Sounds promising.

2. Own a car in Dubai.
– so yes, I spend more than three thousand dirhams to get a license and when I finally have it, I didn’t buy a car. Well it just hits me everytime I try to think about all the expenses that come along with it – it’s just not worth it. I’d rather spend that money traveling outside of the country rather than being stuck here in Dubai to pay for my car. Makes sense?

3. Weigh 100 pounds.
– life is too short to worry about how you will look like when you die. So what if I look like a whale? At least I’m one happy skipper who enjoyed life to the fullest and ate whatever the hell that I want to eat! Rice, rice and more rice.

4. Learn how to cook well.
– someone can always do that for you. It might be a chef of a restaurant, a cook of a small cafeteria or a housemate. If noone is available, I can always fry something out of a can.

5. Be a world-renowned ballerina.

– I’ve had my fair share of the limelight when I was younger, although not world-renowned but I was able to perform at the Cultural Center of the Philippines more than 5 times. So I guess, that’s the most of the limelight I can get hey! Something is always better than nothing. 🙂

6. Climb the Mt. Everest.
– I’m the most unphysical person you will ever meet so I’d probably die out of exhaustion just by looking at that massive mountain from its base. But I will probably put the Adam’s Peak in Sri Lanka in my bucket list just to see if the sunrise view from there would take my breathe away as they claimed that it would. Whatever, I’m just nosy so I’ll probably take that challenge up. Click here if you’re also nosy and want to know what I’m talking about.

7. Bungee jump, sky dive or any other activity which involves free-falling and doing it willingly (read: somebody didn’t push you accidentally)
– i’m afraid of heights. ’nuff said.

8. Understand/appreciate sports more.
– i tried to understand football for the benefit of the boyfriend but it’s just too complicated. So yeah, sorry! I will never be that girl you go to to discuss football or any other sports that you can think of.

9. Swim with the butanding (whale shark) in Bohol, Philippines.
– it’s really part of my bucket list before because I think it would be cool to swim with this gigantic creature which is slowly becoming extinct. But then again, I had a dream that I was swimming with the butanding and I suddenly had my period. So there I was, swimming with the whale with a trail of blood coming out of my you know what and then the whale suddenly swallowed me whole. Never to be seen again. That’s a pretty scary thought if you ask me.

Not going to swim with that monster anymore…

10. Become famous with this blog.
– I’m never going to be Almost Fearless who travels the world plainly because she’s writing about it and have gained quite a reputation in the blogging industry over time. I’m not as sensational and adventurous as her so yeah, just f*ck it. I on the other hand, will continue writing for the benefit of *aherm* myself just in case I need to have a quick rerun of what nonsense I’ve been doing in my life.

What about you? What’s on your eff it list? 🙂

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