My Favorite Restaurants in Doha Where I Can Use The Entertainer Qatar Vouchers

I’ve been here in Doha for only a year and yet, friends have been asking me of where to go in the city for food even those who have been here longer than I am. I guess they all know how much of a glutton I am or to put it nicely, they all know how adventurous I am when it comes to food. The thing is, for quite a long time – I’ve only relied on my The Entertainer Qatar app to guide me on where to go for a meal around the city.

You’ve no idea how much this app has helped me to discover new places and try different cuisines in the city. I bought my app in February of this year and up to this date, I have saved a whopping QAR3234 by using the app. You can probably imagine how many times I ate out in a span of 11 months of living here in Doha, that just shows how lazy I am when it comes to cooking. :p

I’ve compiled on this blog post all the restaurants which instantly became a favorite of mine here in Doha where I have used my The Entertainer App voucher. Each restaurant on the app has 3 vouchers and I have probably used all three of them on most of these restaurants.


Astor Grill, The St Regis Doha

Astor Grill, The St Regis Doha

It was our first time to be at The St Regis Doha when we dined at Astor Grill. If I’m not mistaken, I think it was also the first restaurant where we used The Entertainer App here in Doha. We loved the hotel and the decor of the restaurant but moreover, I loved the smoky flavor of their grilled baby chicken while The Greek Mister enjoyed the generous portion of their double shot of scotch. Okay, he loved the steak here too. 🙂

Read more about our Astor Grill experience here.

Chi Zen, Oryx Rotana Doha

Roasted Garlic Chicken

When the staff at Chi Zen found out I’m a Filipino she immediately guessed what my order would be: roasted garlic chicken to which I replied with a laugh as it was indeed what I’m thinking of. It was absolutely marvelous and has easily become my favorite dish in a new favorite Chinese restaurant in Doha.

Read more about our Chi Zen experience here.

Cucina at Marriott Marquis City Center Doha

Cucina at Marriott Marquis City Center Doha Hotel

One of my favorite Italian restaurants in Doha is Cucina at Marriott Marquis City Center Doha. I love the whole vibe of the restaurant with its brick walls and intimate dining experience. Their staff are probably one of the friendliest as well and the food, so simple and yet worth coming back for over and over again. I have recommended this restaurant to a lot of people and they all came back with a positive review.

Read more about our Cucina experience here.

Belgian Cafe, Intercontinental Doha

Belgian Cafe at Intercontinental Doha

Whenever we are missing Dubai, The Greek Mister and myself head over to Belgian Cafe as it has been our favorite place to go to even in Dubai. Food served is always great plus they’ve got the fruit beers which I love.

Read more about our Belgian Cafe experience here.

Megu, The Pearl Qatar

Business Lunch at Megu, The Pearl Qatar

I absolutely love this Japanese restaurant at The Pearl, the view is breathtaking and the food is always close to perfection I must say. I love their business lunch deals which comes with appetizer, main course and desserts for a great value. Normal menu may be pricey but I get immediate discount with The Entertainer Qatar vouchers.

Read more about my Megu experience here.

Tse Yang, The Pearl Qatar (now rebranded as Krane)

Tse Yang, The Pearl Qatar

Another favorite at The Pearl is the Chinese restaurant Tse Yang which I think now is called Krane after a rebranding. I was smitten when I first walked in their fabulous restaurant as I wasn’t expecting such a fancy decor (not sure now though after the rebranding). Food served is also amazing, my favorite dishes are wasabi prawns and Crispy-fried free-range chicken in spring onion sauce.

Isaan, Grand Hyatt Doha

Isaan at Grand Hyatt Doha

Doha’s favorite Thai restaurant became mine too after one dinner. I love the restaurant in general, it has a very down-to-earth vibe in it even if it’s inside one of the most beautiful hotels in the city. Personal favorite is Mieng Pla Thod and of course, pad thai goong.

Opal by Gordon Ramsay, The St Regis Doha

Opal by Gordon Ramsay, The St Regis Doha

I always love sitting at the outdoor terrace of Opal by Gordon Ramsay whenever I dine there as I think it’s one of the most beautiful outdoor sitting area in Doha. I do love their Opal Wagyu burger.

Read more about our Opal by Gordon Ramsay experience here.

The Cellar, Oryx Rotana Doha

The Cellar at Oryx Rotana

I had a not-so-good experience with their service the first time I went there but they have definitely improved since then. I’ve tried their Friday brunch, their business lunch and normal dinner – if they serve breakfast I’d probably go and try it too. :p I love everything about this restaurant but most specially the sweet wine they have, Sauternes and the sangria which I think is the best I’ve ever had here in Doha.

Those are just some of the restaurants I’ve tried here in Doha using my The Entertainer Qatar vouchers which all stood out among the rest. I have frequented most of them more than twice because I just can’t get enough of their delectable dishes. I still have a few days to use the 2015 offers, I may have to visit one (or maybe two) of them again before the year ends.

What’s your favorite restaurant in Doha where The Entertainer Qatar voucher is accepted?


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