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My Birthday Wishlist

September 13, 2008

Birthday is coming up, without further ado…… To save you all my dear friends the hassle of thinking for the best birthday gift, please refer to the list below:

1. an out of the emirate trip. hehehe. which hopefully includes a jetski or dolphins or hot air balloon ride. * hint hint hint *

2. an all-out party with my friends, i hope they do the western culture’s birthday treat. treating the celebrant instead of doing it the other way around. please please please! (denden, monmon, honey, marissa, cookie, jay – hello dubai friends!!!!!!!)

3. perfume – burberry brit sheer or hugo boss XX or hugo femme

4. book – petite anglaise by catherine sanderson OR playing for pizza by john grisham OR a thousand splendid suns by khaled hosseini

5. sunflowers (no idea where this came from but i haven’t seen a single sunflower here in dubai, so just for the heck of it… i’d like to have a sunflower for my birthday, but no office delivery please)

6. a whole body massage for 2 hours. spaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh treatment. 😉

7. dinner at majilis al bahar or pai thai – for no particular reason, i think i’d like to be in touch with my elegant side (if there is any) for my birthday. but then, shawarmas will still be a good treat. YUM! YUM! haha.

8. a go-kart race.

9. since i have always wished for a true and everlasting love and that never happening, i won’t wish it for my birthday. (i’ll save it for christmas since i have santa to count on during that time). i’ll just wish for someone who thinks am special and is willing to spend my birthday with me. that’s it. :p

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