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My Airline Ranking for 2015.

December 29, 2015

While living in Dubai, I have avoided flying with other airlines apart from my then employer Emirates Airlines; therefore, I’ve never really had any experience with other airlines until this year. The year 2015 allowed me to travel four countries such as the Philippines, Greece, Oman and USA, which means that I have managed to experience 16 flights, including the internal flights within the countries we’ve visited. Here is my year-end review, ranking the airlines I’ve taken in the year 2015.

5. Philippine Airlines

Philippine Airlines Terminal

Philippine Airlines Terminal

We booked an internal flight with Philippine Airlines to Bohol, but as luck would have it, we were rerouted to Manila instead of the Tagbilaran airport due to some technical issues. We had to book another flight to Cebu the same night, due to which we missed one night at the beautiful Amorita Resort. This resulted in extra payment to avail the ferry from Cebu to Bohol. The airline, even after sending an email to raise a complaint, did not revert. So yeah, Philippine Airlines definitely holds the lowest rank for me this year.

4. Turkish Airlines

Istanbul Airport

Istanbul Airport

I’ve always been very curious about Turkish Airlines since their advertisements are the most interesting, at least for me. I had heard from others about their impeccable services, hence, I was very excited to avail a flight from Thessaloniki to Doha last September. However, even before boarding the flight, a great deal of problems surfaced to the fore. Nobody seemed to know the flight’s boarding gate which turned it into a chaotic experience. During the flight, the entertainment system wasn’t working and the flight attendants were apathetic.

3. Aegean Airlines

We’ve always taken our internal flights from Greece with Aegean Airlines due to their convenient flight timings. With most flights operating in and out of Athens, connection with them is very easy. We’ve never faced negative experiences with them partly due to the fact that we always take a 50 minute flight to and from Thessaloniki.

2. Emirates Airlines

Yes, the airline which I have put on a pedestal for many years ranked second for me this year. I’ve taken quite a number of flights with them in 2015 which includes my trip to USA since I needed to make use of my remaining staff ticket. I’ve never really had anything to complain about, whenever I take their flight. I realized that the aircraft used by Emirates (at least the ones that I’ve taken) are much older than the ones used by the top ranking airline (ranked by me).

1. Qatar Airways

Pinay Flying High

Yep, I have had a change of heart and now holds Qatar Airways as my top ranking airline for 2015. The seats are more spacious while the food may be of smaller quantity, but it definitely tastes better. The entertainment system (which took me a while to understand how it works) is just as good (maybe even better) as Emirates airline. The sound system of Qatar Airways is definitely much better in comparison to my flight with Emirates from the US where I could only hear the engine of the plane. It is important for me to consider these aspects, especially during times when my flight duration is longer than two hours.

So that’s my airline ranking for this year. What about you? What’s the best flight you’ve taken in 2015?

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  • Reply Anonymous December 29, 2015 at 19:26

    I really like Qatar and Emirates and I think they are both more or less the same quality – BUT: I flew to Beijing with Emirates in August and I got upgraded to business class… that was a great experience leaving me grinning throughout the flight! so I would definitely vote for Emirates this year!! 😉
    safe flying into 2016 for you!! 🙂

    • Reply Pinay Flying High December 31, 2015 at 09:41

      If I ever get upgraded too with Emirates – I would totally have them back on the pedestal. Haha!
      Thank you for dropping by. Happy travels to you too!

  • Reply normatias tanjung December 29, 2015 at 16:18

    Qatar airlines is truly the best airline for me as I have tried many airlines before but Qatar airlines is more comfortable than the others. With 12 hour journeys it’s more suitable if we use Qatar airlines specially when u bring along your kid. Qatar airline is top rank for me. Thank you to Qatar airlines for making every journey memorable.

    • Reply Pinay Flying High December 31, 2015 at 09:41

      Long haul flights, I’d definitely choose Qatar Airways too. :p

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