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My 2010 New Year’s Resolution.

December 31, 2009

It’s that time of the year again when people are expected to make a New Year’s resolution (and eventually break them). I like making lists, moreso I like making goals although I know that it’s already doomed but making goals are like giving you some hope that something can happen, you just need to push yourself to achieve it. Even if you don’t actually achieve these goals at least once in your life you thought of doing it right? Nobody can accuse you of being a bum in that case. :p I’m silly, don’t listen to me.

Well anyway, here are my resolutions this 2010.

1. Be sexy and maintain it for the rest of the year.

– for all those people who know me well and have been with me for a long time, you’ll probably know that I gain and lose weight with a blink of an eye. I binge on junk foods and stuff my mouth with all the food it can handle without any worries because I know that I can lose it the excess fat in no time. I’ll just wait for someone to alert me that I’m getting way too fat then I’ll start a crash diet to lose it which we all know is not very healthy. So my resolution for this year is to maintain my “hotness” factor (if there is any) and never be bloated again.

2. Get out of debt.

– I currently have 2 credit cards and both of them have 5-digits as debt. I am doing good on not using the Mastercard and slowly reaching a zero balance for it but the Visa card may take some more time. My resolution for this year is to at least get those two cards reach a 4-digit number debt by the end of this 2010. whoop!

3. Save! Save! Save!

– I am now 26 and my savings account cannot sustain my life for 6 months if ever I suddenly lose my job – now I have to change my tracks on that. I am not getting any younger and seriously, I need to focus on saving something for the rainy days. No more unnecessary shopping for senseless things (a new dress that I bought just for tonight’s party is guiltily laying inside my bag right now) and I have to watch the money going out of my pocket like a hawk.

4. Invest on something.

– I seriously want to buy a house in the Philippines. I have been looking for some agents but nothing seem to be within my budget (probably if I will stop looking for a house in premiere locations like South Forbes in Santa Rosa then I’ll find something within my budget). But anyway, if I am going to spend something this year then it would be for a house. Hopefully I’ll be able to get one.

5. Be healthy.

– need to eat my green, leafy vegetables, fruits, loads of water intake and 8 hours of sleep daily. I hope not to see the white, sterile walls of a hospital this year.

That’s just about it. Hope at least one of the above will be achieved by yours truly. 🙂

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