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My 2009 Birthday Wishlist

September 27, 2009

before anything else, can i just stress the ‘cheesiness’ of my gravatar image on my ‘about the author’ column. i might as well put a flower behind my left ear, now that would be a pure win.

so, my birthday is coming up (it’s 25 days from now to be exact) and though i have no plans of having a grand celebration, i’ve come up with things i am in dire need of which am hoping that the tooth fairy will bring me come the 22nd of October.  the current financial situation (or the lack thereof) has been stressed out already on the past blog so there is no need for me to explain why i need these things:

1. canned goods -no, this is not for the people who lost their homes due to the typhoon Ondoy in the Philippines and no, i shit you not when i tell you that i should also be getting canned goods which will last for a whole month for me to survive. i may have to start a fund-raising event with the sole purpose of feeding yours truly…

ok, ok, ok, since i badly need a diet anyway i will refrain myself from being my usual selfish brat and let you handover those canned goods to Ondoy victims.. (besides, i can always steal some food from housemates while they’re sleeping) but don’t say i didn’t warn you when i die in my sleep from starvation and haunt you in your dreams. hyuk hyuk hyuk!

2. toiletries – most specially vaseline cocoa butter lotion, whisper sanitary pads without wings (yes, i need to say that), toothpaste (preferably close-up red) and tremesse conditioner. there goes my grocery list.

3. 150 dirhams voucher to spend at dragonfly spa – as per previous blog, i am only allowed to do waxing so 150 dirhams will cover for the manicure and pedicure. if you’re feeling rich and generous, take it one notch higher and give me 300 dirhams voucher so i can also get one of those 30mins head and shoulder massage.

4. a dinner – somewhere, anywhere, it doesn’t really matter. for as long it’s on my birthday. weeeeeeeeee….. i don’t want to start the 26th chapter of my life without having a decent meal.

5. 1 bottle of vodka, 2 litres of cranberry juice and 2 litres of sprite on the eve of my birthday – i am hoping that someone will be kindhearted enough to provide all of those including a place to crash and party for the whole night. friends??? no? ok! what (the f*ck) ever!!!!

6. true and everlasting love – as always… * wink * wink *

so the list is quite reasonable…. isn’t it??? right???? hello????

Mi: yada yada! wala akong pera talaga pramis!!! wahahaha. ang saya!
Gi: eh ano? nakapag-europe ka naman


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