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My 20-ish birthday.

October 23, 2011

Next to Christmas, my birthday is my favorite day of the year. As far back as I can remember, I have never missed a single birthday of mine without celebrating it somehow. Even if my birthday falls during the typhoon season in the Philippines, I will usually have something either a few days advance or a few days late to celebrate it with my friends. The biggest of course was my 18th birthday (sponsored by my parental units) in which I’ve booked the whole second floor of a famous bar in Makati and invited my highschool and college friends – it’s all you can eat and drink party and everyone went home wasted. Call me stupid or a drunkard but for me, you didn’t have a great time at a party if you went home sober.

Clearly, that’s what I did this year (again!) – I wanted to make sure that everyone will be drunk so I chose WAREHOUSE’s Friday Drunch as the venue of my birthday and invited the people who I REALLY want to spend this occasion with. For AED199 per person, you get to have unlimited grills (I went crazy with their pork options it was SOOOOO good!) and selected beers, spirits, wines and tequilas are also included (yeehaw!). The drunch starts at 1pm and ends at 4pm, you bet that we’re all very wasted as early as 2:30pm. We were ordering beers while holding half-empty glasses of the same in both of our hands and the tequila shots kept on coming until we couldn’t recognize the difference of the beer, water and tequila anymore. At around 4:30pm, we all went at the second floor to dance ’till our legs couldn’t take it anymore. At some point, I found myself dragging a bouncer towards the dancefloor but he declined the offer. My memory is a bit hazy but I do believe that there was a time at the dancefloor when all of our arms were linked to each other in a circle and we’re all jumping up and down while moving clockwise – I believe that made me want to throw up in Lalit’s face who by the way asked me if I’m putting conditioner on my hair while we were dancing (Dude, that’s so gay! I hope that’s not your conversation-opener whenever you want to hook up with a girl.)

And because pictures speak louder than words:

Me and Lalit, he couldn't come closer to me at the time because he's afraid that I'll break his nose because of the mistake he did. :p

with MPJR

Never fails to make me happy every weekend - these two. 🙂

with Marissa and our personal bartender - Billy, he's the best waiter you can ever have. Always making sure that we are fully stocked with beers, tequillas and shawarmas.

with Mareng this time.

Bottom's up!

Starting to get crazy!


Can you see how drunk we already are and how the sun is still shining outside???

Not really sure what we're doing here but I want to say that we're dancing?

The boyfriend finally arrived (around 5pm) and he's not very happy about the fact that the drunch is already over.

I was still very hungry after all the pork consumed which explains my very round face.

I passed out - seriously, I've not idea what happened to me then. :p

There were a lot of incriminating videos and photos which if posted, my blogsite may be banned forever here in Dubai, so better not post it. To give you a hint though, the photos and videos consisted mostly of shawarmas, pencils and canned goods. 🙂

Once again, I had a blast on my 4th birthday celebration here in Dubai. I do believe that because of the all-you-can-drink nature of this party, it topped off the birthday celebration I had last year which I thought was the best ever. Next year will be better I bet! 🙂

Thank you to all who remembered!

Kisses from the birthday girl!

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