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Mozaique @ Fujairah Rotana Experience

June 27, 2010

ok, so this is a little overdue post but what the heck this is not going to take long because the experience was so horrible. so bad that i don’t even know how to start it. but hey! don’t take it against me, i am no food expert.

the ambience: is ok. nothing really spectacular, a regular restaurant with tables and a buffet counter. nothing fancy or anything like that, which i like.

staff: are very friendly. this, i think is the only good thing i noticed about this place. they all have a warm and non-mechanical smiles and looks out for each and every customer in a very attentive and patient manner.

service: well ok, the staff are friendly and attentive but holy cow, they were all very quick. quick in a not so positive way, i felt like they’re all waiting behind you to give out the slightest hint of finishing your plate and then they will take it out of your table after telling you “you’re done”. and i meant tell you and not ask you if you were actually done, because they don’t actually ask you. it’s like a statement that you’re already done with your food. hehehe. i was trying to finish my food and because it wasn’t that great, i sort of leaned back for awhile to contemplate if i’m going to finish it or just go to the buffet table to see what else i can get and then suddenly the waitress took away my plate after telling me that i’m done. well, i’m rather thankful to her though for deciding for me.

food: it’s horrible. very bland except for the crab with some sort of sauce in it and the seafood in white sauce. other than that, everything else taste like you’re eating paper. they don’t have much variety either. well, in all fairness to them they were serving mostly indian and arabic food which i’m not very fond of. so i never really tried any of those cuisines that they have on the buffet table and focused more on the food that i sort of know and can pronounce the names properly. probably they have mastered the indian and arabic food, i will never know though… but anyway, if not for the crab, the seafood in white sauce (which is not really spectacular as well but stood out amongst all of the food i’ve tasted because everything else were bland) and the deep fried egg with sweet and sour sauce, it would probably have been the most boring buffet i’ve ever been to.

price: the price of the buffet was AED150 i think. i used my Entertainer voucher and we paid one buffet for two (thank goodness, because i really can’t imagine to be wasting 300 hundred bucks for that).

rating: 4 out of 10. two points goes to the friendly staff and another 2 points goes to the crab, egg and seafood with white sauce. the experience was really bad, so bad that i threw the 2 other Entertainer vouchers i got for this restaurant.

so far, Cinnamon Restaurant at Cove Rotana Resort is still unbeatable and really incomparable. it’s still at the top of my list. in fact, i’ve diverted a lot of my passengers who were initially planning to go to Fujeira and convinced them to go to Cove Rotana in Ras Al Khaimah instead. the buffet was terrific and the property is still the best i’ve ever been here in the UAE.

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