Day Trips from Nice: Moustiers Sainte Marie

Moustiers-Sainte-Anne, France

One of the many things that I love about The Greek Mister is he loves to travel as much as I do and his favorite mode of travel is driving. If the option of driving is available and time is on our side, he will prefer it more than any other mode of transportation. The longer the drive, the better it is for him. So when I told him that there’s a place called Moustiers Sainte Marie that I’d like to visit but it’s around 2 and a half hours away from Nice, he didn’t challenge my choice. So off we went on our last full day in the South of France to a village voted as one of France’s most beautiful.

Lake of St Croix, France

The road to Moustiers Sainte Marie was gorgeous, through some of France’s most spectacular areas. Of course we had to stop at the Lake of Saint Croix which runs through this beautiful and breathtaking gorge. It was cold and windy when we stopped but a selfie was a must if there’s this natural beauty in front of us. 🙂

Moustiers Sainte Marie, France

We continued our drive to Moustiers Sainte Marie and as we arrived, we realized that it’s not as lively as I thought it would be. It’s the festive season and also during the winter time, almost all establishments were closed with just a few operating when we arrived. Thankfully, a small shop just at the entrance of the village was open where we had our daily dose of latte (for me) and a pint of beer (for the Greek Mister). I also had a crepe which was light but enough to fill me until dinner time.

Moustiers Sainte Marie, France

The village is beautiful with a series of waterfalls running through it, I was actually quite thankful that it’s not very crowded when we visited as I was able to walk around in peace. As I was exploring the town, I noticed a beautiful bridge at the top of the village and immediately thought that I must go – I instantly knew that the view would be amazing from up there.

Moustiers Sainte Marie, France

Moustiers Sainte Marie, France

The Greek Mister decided to join me which was a surprise as he would normally skip on any strenuous activity during our travels. We’re both not physically fit and we’re both kind of lazy (lol) but if there’s a promise of a photogenic view, I can do anything. I don’t know what was in it for the Greek Mister though, maybe he got tired sitting around the cafe drinking his beer. We started the climb which wasn’t that steep, it just looked steep from below. As we went further, the view was getting better and better until we reached the bridge and first viewing point from it – it was definitely worth it.

Moustiers Sainte Marie, France

Moustiers Sainte Marie is definitely a must if you do have the time to go, it’s far away from Nice but absolutely worth it. We went back to Nice afterwards, we didn’t have time to visit anything else as it was already getting dark. The downside of traveling during winter is basically the short days that you have because the sun sets earlier than normal. 🙁

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