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December 10, 2010

to say that the past week was busy is the understatement of the year. to start of, my colleague who’s with me at the corporate counter went on his annual leave so i’m handling the accounts all by myself. on top of that, i’ll be having my period (too much information but very relevant to the case) and my hormones are properly imbalanced, thus the mood swings. to say the least, my temper is shorter than the usual. yesterday was not an exception, emails kept pouring in and the phone kept ringing. i’m THISCLOSE to just cutting the line of the phones and throw it in the middle of sheikh zayed road out of frustration. but amidst the chaos, i received an email from one of the coordinators appreciating how fast and reliable i am – i just stared on the email for some time in disbelief.

i stayed back for another hour after work and before i went home, i called up one of the coordinators and apologized for my behavior towards him as he was one of the few who received an earful of my frustration when he wouldn’t stop calling me even if i have asked him several times to just send all his requests thru email (for no particular reason, they find sending emails as an outdated way of dealing business to which i strongly disagree specially with this account, requests should be put in writing so they can’t get back to me in the future and blame me for something which they themselves have requested me to do). anyway, the coordinator was surprised that i called and apologized for my actions. he said it was his first time to receive such kind of phone call in dubai, “i totally understand, i know the market here in dubai and i know the stress of dealing with the customers… you don’t have to apologize. i would do the same thing if i were you” were his words.

another passenger was a travel coordinator of the previous account that i’ve handled. i’m not supposed to handle any other passengers other than the current account but she was begging me, so what can i do? she wanted a flight to riyadh on the same day and all flights were fully booked. after about 45minutes on the phone searching for any possible flight which will bring her to riyadh before 12midnight one seat opened up on saudia airlines and i was able to book it. it was destiny! :p “i’ve no “idea how you handle all these stress of people calling you and expect you to do magic for them and get them a seat on a fully booked flight, but you do it very well…” were her words.

i went home an hour later than the office timings. tired, frustrated and borderline suicidal. i wanted a drink, a strong alcoholic drink, but i just have this stupid baileys which tasted like chocolait so it didn’t really destressed me from work. (note to self: ask for tequilla next time) what i’m trying to figure out is, even after all those words of encouragement from those passengers, i was still feeling frustrated. normally, if i hear a heartfelt “thank you” from any of them, my day would instantly get better. but for the past few days, i’m just getting frustrated more and more.

is this just a phase? or do i need a change of scenery? i’m absolutely sure i need a break though….

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