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August 15, 2009

right, so it is a crappy thing to travel with your monthly period. (ok ok too much information but it really is crappy to travel with your monthly period haha!) but what’s crappier than this is the thought that i should be traveling with my mom this time if not for the fact that the process of passport renewal in our beloved philippine embassy takes 6 freaking weeks!!!! who would have thought that a normal procedure such as this could take that long???? oh well, guess it’s just not the time yet. (i am beginning to wonder if there really is such a thing as the “right” time)

i was hesitant to put the first destination we have right now in our itinerary for my mom wants to see that place and i want to take her there paying for her ticket (of course with the 50% staff discount am getting, am not rich hehehe). i really didn’t want to visit it right now, not without my mom but what can i do? it’s the only point of entry that i can get a confirmed discounted price to for this date. i just can’t pay 3000 dirhams more per peson (me and my aunt) for a regular ticket price to get ourselves a revenue ticket to another destination. (sorry mommy! am that cheap.. :p) ANYWAY, with a heavy heart…. am visiting that place and wishing my mom is with me…. 🙁 but i will definitely go back there with my mom, hopefully i would know the place better and will be able to take her to the best places to see while there. (the glass is always half full….)

on a totally different note:

my aunt who came into dubai yesterday had two comments about this place:
1. it’s too humid!
2. apparently, she was surprised to see a lot of buildings here (she may have been expecting to see just a wide desert and for that, salute to my aunt who even after expecting the worst of the worst still wanted to have a stopover here in dubai.)

she had a taste of dubai yesterday, i booked them (my aunt and her friend) at qamardeen hotel which really lived up to my expectations (probably even surpassed it) and they were happy to see that they have their own patio and their own access to the hotel pool (too bad that it’s summer now, too hot to sit outside). the only thing they didn’t like was the fact that the bath tub had just a glass partition, which means a person lying on the bed can see the person taking a shower. hahaha! and i don’t mean a blurry view, it’s right-in-your-face see-through glass. and that my friends is a four star hotel in an ARAB country. good that there is a separate area for shower which has (thank God!) a door which isn’t see-through. i took them to deira city center and they already shopped like crazy for gifts to bring back home. i had to control their shopping spree and remind them that the real trip is just about to start the next day. i then took them to madinat jumeira together with the rest of the clan (the espinosa and delos santos clan), they were thankfully impressed with the burj al arab and are excited to see the interior of it when we come back on the 30th. both of them being well-traveled, i thought dubai won’t be able to give a good impression on them. what is there to see in this hell-hole? but thanks to burj al arab’s fascinating night-lights for trigering their interest on the place.

a friend of mine who knows that my aunt is coming here and who i have told that she practically had a tour of the whole of europe, US, canada and the most part of asia asked me: is your aunt rich???? hahaha. i would say – yes, filthy rich. (from a third-world country’s point of view) :p

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