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Dubai: Minato Restaurant in Radisson Blu Hotel Dubai

January 31, 2012

We went to Radisson Blu Hotel Dubai Creek last Friday night to spend one of our Entertainer vouchers at Minato, a Japanese restaurant. The restaurant have their teppanyaki tables and the traditional Japanese dining tables where you sit on the floor. The boyfriend being a 6 footer and could not possibly fit in the traditional Japanese dining table, we opted to sit on the regular ones. 🙂

For starters, of course I ordered california maki and for main course I had a bento box (which has everything I want) and the boyfriend had a salmon.

Compliments from the chef. Some kind of meatballs with sweet and sour sauce.

California Maki

The california maki was not very good. Everything kept falling from my chopsticks but of course you can probably blame my not-a-pro skills of handling chopsticks. 🙂

Bento box

The bento box was good though, it can be shared by two not very hungry people. From left to right, clockwise: sushis (only the salmon was eaten), tempura (not very crunchy), grilled fish (fantastic!), rice and beef teppanyaki with fried egg (awesome!). The bento box also comes with a miso soup. I’m not really sure how the salmon was but the boyfriend seemed to enjoy every bits and pieces of it.

The salmon was not billed because of our Entertainer voucher but because I’m a fountain of information, I forgot where I put the bill so you’ll just have to guess how much we paid. 🙂

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