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Midnight in Paris

November 8, 2011

You can never go wrong on a Woody Allen film, I’m a big fan and I’ve always loved watching his films. The latest of which is Midnight in Paris, about a successful screenwriter trying to get his hands on his first novel and in the course of his pursuit for an inspiration to write, stumbles upon a cab which teleports him back to the 1920’s every midnight. It’s a funny and witty film and it makes me ache for Paris more now than before. I went there a few years ago and hated every minute of it (I got the flu the very first day I arrived) and if not for my very good friend who showed me around the city, I probably wouldn’t get out of my hotel room as I found the city of love overrated. The reality I saw of Paris was totally different than what I have imagined it. Well ok, I was not expecting horse-drawn carriages to take me around the city nor did I expect Marie Antoinette to give me a cake when I visited Versailles but hey, I didn’t expect vandalized buildings and beggars dressed better than I was while in Paris as well. This movie though may have changed my mind once again about this city.

The film started with a montage of what this city is like with a “La Vie En Rose-ish” song playing as a background. Call me stupid or crazy but this movie made me want to go back to Paris and see it in an entirely different point of view and of course during the hotter months (to avoid getting the flu). Anyway, I LOVED the film as it shows you how people usually have a different perception of Paris when they visit it (like how I did) and would try to set one foot on the real Paris and one foot on the perceived Paris. It’s actually not entirely about Paris at all, some people REALLY wants to go back in time which they think was better than now. I, myself, is perfectly fine with where I am but if it’s a matter of life and death and someone is holding a gun to my head expecting an answer to this question: If you could travel back in time, which era would you live in and why? then I would probably have answered the Victorian era where chivalry isn’t dead, women wear fancy dresses with lots of ruffles, men wear high hats with mustache and I would be wearing feathers on my head. I’d probably be friends with Marie Antoinette and she would always invite me to her parties and the whatnots. We’re going to rock Paris down.

So now, I’m holding a gun to your head: which era would you like to go back to and live in and why?

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