Mercato Mayfair, The Most Beautiful (and holiest) Food Market

Mercato Mayfair, London
Mercato Mayfair is majestic and hands down, the most beautiful (and the holiest) food market I've ever been to.

You can live your entire life in London and not be able to see everything it has to offer, that’s a given fact. There’s something new to do and see every month that it’s really hard to keep up. Now that I work in Central London, I have to say that my social life has become more active because I’m just a tube ride away from everything.

I do have a rule that I follow though, I don’t visit any place that have just opened – I want the hype to die down before I go and see it myself. I don’t function very well in crowded places and more often than not, establishments that have just opened will most likely be packed more than the usual during its first few months of existence. So I wait.

Mercato Mayfair, London

Mercato Mayfair opened in November 2019 and I started seeing it immediately on my instagram feed. Whenever I see something I fancy on my instagram or facebook feed, I save it in my google maps as “to go to places in London”. So when I have a free time, I use it as my resource to decide where to go in London to avoid going back to the same place over and over again.

I had that free time last Friday night, I was supposed to go home early but decided against being an old person at the very last minute. I sent a message to my friend C who coincidentally was in the area and was willing to meet up for dinner. I referred to my handy google maps and saw Mercato Mayfair first so we went there, I think it’s about time that we visit it.

Mercato Mayfair, London

The holy spirit comes down and blesses you as you walk in the Mercato Mayfair and if you listen closely, you might hear the faint sound of the chorus of the angels singing Handel’s Hallelujah from Messiah. (Just in case you didn’t get it, I’m joking of course). It was majestic and hands down, the most beautiful (and the holiest) food market I’ve ever been to.

The building is a Grade-I listed deconsecrated church called St Mark’s. The GBP5-million restoration which took two years to complete revived the building’s heritage features. It was absolutely stunning and gives out such a different food hall ambiance.

There were different food stalls on the ground and second level of the church the food market, the bar area is fittingly located at the altar which was kind of odd for me. I was raised Catholic and it’s so weird to order your beer where the altar would have been while an elaborate painting of Jesus Christ himself looks down upon you. I felt such a sinner.

Mercato Mayfair, London

After taking millions of photos and videos, I ordered a bao and dumpling soup and a whole pizza which we shared. I, of course, had to take an instagrammable photo of the dishes before consuming it.

I have to say that I have never been so scared in my life about taking a food photo until this pizza photo. The pizza was hot and my hand was shaking, I was afraid that I’d drop the pizza on someone’s head. Thankfully, nothing like that happened. :p

Mercato Mayfair, London

Mercato Mayfair is a beautiful food market definitely, very unique and I’m quite sure you’ve never seen anything quite like it before. I would go back there to bring visiting friends to but I personally wouldn’t go often as a regular night out. I think I’m not cool enough for it, it was I would say too hipster for me. I just want to have my sugary and unhealthy Coke Zero and not some healthy alternative of fizzy drink with a hint of cucumber, is that too much to ask? Lol.

Mercato Mayfair

St Mark’s North Audley St, London D1k 6ZA

Nearest tube station: Bond Street or Marble Arch

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Mercato Mayfair, London

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  • Reply trainswestcan-eSPANO Webb February 23, 2020 at 13:33

    Have you been in London 3 years? My how time flies.
    It is certainment a holy place and worth a visit.

  • Reply Tanja/The Red Phone Box travels February 19, 2020 at 14:26

    a market in a church? holy food:)

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