Maryland, USA| Mom’s Birthday Lunch at Alexanders in Buckeystown, Maryland

Alexanders at Buckeystown

We had a hard time deciding where to take our Mom for a birthday lunch out last weekend as there are loads of restaurants to choose from around Frederick, Maryland area. It was Alexanders’ charming and homey feel which won our hearts and made us decide to celebrate the special occasion at their restaurant. Alexanders is an estate home turned restaurant located at the countryside of Buckeystown, Maryland. It’s only a few minutes from the Frederick town proper itself.

Alexanders at Buckeystown

Alexanders at Buckeystown

We made a reservation 2 days before our intended arrival, it was quite a long process of reservation as we had to be very clear if they are able to accommodate to my nephew’s food allergy requirements. We were also informed that the day we’re planning to have our lunch was fully booked so they had to call us back to confirm it to us. Luckily, they did confirm the very next day that we called.

Alexanders at Buckeystown

Alexanders at Buckeystown

Alexanders at Buckeystown

Our reservation was set at 5pm but we arrived 30 mins earlier in the hopes that we’d be able to enjoy the restaurant to ourselves. It looks incredibly beautiful on the photos from their website and I’m happy to say that the photos weren’t at all lying. The grounds of the restaurant was well-manicured and the interior was adorned by classic collections of statues. It does exude classic beauty but not too much that it will make you feel uneasy. The ambiance was still very warm and cozy.

Alexanders at Buckeystown

We were let in at exactly 5pm with some other diners as well. I guess it wasn’t only us celebrating a special occasion at the time since the restaurant got full quite quickly. I can sense that our waiter was getting a bit stressed with the number of diners but I have to say that he did a very good job that day. He was very patient and exerted extra efforts for all our needs, I’ll have to say that he was one of the reasons why we enjoyed our meal.

Alexanders at Buckeystown

Fried green tomatoes

I was however a bit disappointed at first by how the kitchen handled my nephew’s food allergy requirements in the beginning. After all those long conversations over the phone with the chef while we were making our reservation 2 days before, it seemed to me like they have no idea what we’re talking about the day we arrived. They sounded unsure and confused when we mentioned my nephew’s food allergy requirements but then they were able to quickly handle the situation when the chef offered a salmon dish instead which my nephew enjoyed.

Alexanders at Buckeystown

Pork! Yum!

We had fried green tomatoes for starters and I had beer brined pork chop as my main course which came with 2 sides. It was a first time for me to try fried green tomatoes and I must say that I might have to look for this appetizer wherever I go. It was wonderful! I love the crispiness of the breading combined with the juice of the tomato plus the small shrimps served with it. My pork chop was divine as well! I might be a bit biased though as I live in a country where pork is banned and it was the very first time I had a pork dish after 6 months. Hah! Everybody else enjoyed their dishes as well. 🙂

At the end of our meal, we requested our waiter for a slice of cake for my Mom’s birthday. He suggested this really incredible and quite a huge piece of cake which I forgot the name. I’m sure there was a nutella in it though. Lol.

All in all, we had a great time at Alexanders. We couldn’t have chosen a better venue to celebrate my Mom’s birthday. 🙂

Alexanders at Buckeystown

3619 Buckeystown Pike
Buckeystown, MD 21717
Website, Facebook

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  • Mitzie Mee May 31, 2015 at 21:43

    What a beautiful place! I love those restaurants that don’t look like restaurants but like beautiful mansions:) Happy birthday to your mom. PS: I’m also looking forward to go porkalicious, when I hit New York next week:)

    • Pinay Flying High May 31, 2015 at 22:30

      Yes! I love those kinds of restaurants too. It has a lot more character and you’d feel like you’re really getting the best dining experience. Enjoy your New York holiday!

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