Last September 20 (I know, too late to be writing about it now right?), we went to see Marvel Universe Live with my 5-year old nephew. He’s a big fan of the Marvel characters, you should see his room and closet full of all sorts of Marvel character costumes and toys and I on the other hand, could really care less about it. I just joined them since it’s not like I have better things to do that day. Well, that was what I felt until I’ve seen it.

Marvel Universe Live

We watched Marvel Universe Live in Patriot Center in Fairfax, Virginia. It was packed with children and adults alike dressed up in Marvel costumes when we arrived. I can sense that my nephew was feeling a bit underdressed with his simple shirt and pants ensemble. He should’ve worn one of his costumes and showed those kids how to own it. Patriot Center can hold seats upto 10,000 people but only 75% of it was open for this show. We were at the top right section of the venue which made my sister terrified as she’s afraid of heights. :p The stage was huge and looks professionally done, the stage alone already made me excited even before the show started. 🙂

Marvel Universe Live

Marvel Universe Live

To summarize the whole thing, it’s the whole Avengers team lead by Iron Man in front of you doing live stunts and action scenes. How cool is that? Even if I don’t know half of the characters in there, I was so into it and was cheering and clapping for every stunts that they do. It’s exhilarating and very professional. There was a storyline of course which, surprise surprise, is about saving the world.

The show is on tour until 2016 so if you are ever nearby where they are, do give it a shot even if you’re not so much of a fan as it’s something really different and worth watching.


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