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Marriage (???)

August 9, 2008

Phone rang at 3 in the morning, an international call. With the groggiest voice I said “hello?”, I heard crying on the other end of the line which made me jolt right up. First thought was it could be family – Philippines or in the US, but they will never call at the wee hours of the morning and scare me to death if something bad happened. So in my most audible voice I asked – “Who’s this? And please stop crying….””He’s cheating on me….” was the response of the girl from the other end of the line. A call which came from Europe nonetheless. A friend whom I hardly hear from nowadays. I listened intently to every word she said as she narrates what happened, occassionally saying “uh huh” just to let her know that I was still on the line and is keeping up with her story. It’s the usual caught-by-a-text-message story. Husband accidentally left his phone with the message of the “mistress” right on its screen, wife gets to read the message and confronts husband which in turn results to an ugly exchange of words as the husband denies it claiming that she’s just a “friend” and wife keeps on pushing his husband to admit it. Husband storms out of the house and spent the night in God knows where. Wife calls a trusted friend (enters my name here) and friend starts blogging about it. Ha ha ha! Such a good friend I am, but am I disclosing my friend’s identity? No! How many friends do I have in Europe? 3 in Paris, 2 in UK, 3 in Russia, 1 in Amsterdam…. How many of them are married? 4. So…. Am safe.

Anyway, this classic scenario made me think – I know a lot of people who’s marriage failed. Good thing they were all married in countries where divorce is legalized. (Hint: never get married in the Philippines). I have learned to be a pessimist about marriage (but am not saying I will remain as such, this is just one of those as-a-matter-of-fact statement at this point in time). Why get married if you can live in bliss even without it? (my family will definitely strangle me to death if they even hear these words coming from me)

Why the negative outlook on marriage? The correct question is – Have I been cheated? Thrice. Funny thing was, I never had that “woman’s instinct” as they call it, never had it crossed my mind that my ex may probably be cheating on me. I always believe what he tells me, plus he was very transparent (or so I thought). He ALWAYS asks me to read the incoming text messages on his phone whenever he’s driving or whenever we’re together, lets me answer his phone calls as well. Little do I know, he may probably already told the “other girl” not to send messages or call whenever he’s with me. Nice hey! :p

How do I know the cheatings then? The “other girl” will always have the need to finally announce to the whole world that he’s going out with this ex of mine. And she will announce it to me as well, the clueless girlfriend – she’ll be ready with all the proof (text messages, photos, diaries and the whatnots. Hehehe) and I will be shocked, as always. Ex will deny, as expected. Until I show him the proof forwarded to me by the other girl. And then he will say sorry – on his knees, with tears in his eyes, flowers and the whole enchilada. After his wooing for about a a month or so, I will forgive him. Then after 2 years of blissful ignorance, here comes another girl caller trying to confess the sins of my ex AGAIN, this time with a different girl. It happened about twice within the 4 years that we’ve been together. What’s more odd is, it was never the reason of our break up. 🙂 Am I stupid or what? Haha! Well, in fairness to my ex…. He’s an ok guy. Am still in good terms with him.

So anyway, another classic case of husband cheating on wife. Another reason for me to be a pessimist towards marriage. We’ll see…. :p

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