Marriage countdown

Everybody right now is getting married. That’s everybody except for me. I was at home yesterday doing what i do best, snooping on friend’s facebook accounts and looking thru their photos. It surprised me big time that most of them either have an album of their own marriage or a wedding of someone we both know which they went to. Seeing these photos doesn’t make me all gooey and lovey dovey, it doesn’t make me say – “awwwwww how romantic” even if am looking at a wedding held in calaruega church with the beautiful old style church as a backdrop and it doesn’t make me want to plan how my own wedding will be. I’m starting to wonder if there’s something wrong with me.

Upto this point in time, my idea of a wedding is me, my future husband, my parents and his parents inside a closed room with a judge presiding the wedding. It will be short, simple and painless (financially). Afterwards, we’ll meet up with a bunch of our friends for the “party of the year”. Am even considering Vegas as a “wedding location” where Elvis “The King” Presley himself can preside our wedding then we can go back to gambling afterwards. I just don’t like conventional weddings; it literally bores me to death. I would rather go thru the pains of getting a tattoo rather than sitting thru a wedding ceremony, seriously. If my own wedding will be like this then I think I will have to send a “proxy” over to go thru all those hassle then I’ll just wait for everybody at the reception area.

I don’t know if am just having a real good time being single or if it’s the responsibility and commitment which scares the bejesus out of me. I’m still having trouble balancing out my finances and am still keeping up with all the credit card bills i need to settle, thank god am not worrying about my kid’s college plans yet. That would just blow my brains out of my eye socket. I don’t even know how to fry fish perfectly let alone how to feed another human being. And most of the time, I cannot control the life that I have for myself what more having to share it with someone else? Am good at where I am now – worrying about credit card bills, where to go for my next vacation, visa applications, workloads and saving up for whatever version of the future my imagination has cooked up. And most definitely, I don’t think I am ready to say “i do for better or for worse, in sickness and in health, till death do us part forever and ever amen. No erase.”

So let’s just leave everything as it is. Kudos to my friends who are getting/are married. I’ll send some post of my latest shenanigans somewhere. :p

Disclaimer: the blog above is a product of the author’s vivid and senseless imagination and current thoughts about marriage. Thoughts are subject to change without prior notice based on current “lovelife” situation. 😀


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