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make this video go around the world

June 19, 2008

got this link from my mom: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EWxjzazIPjU 

AMEN to her!!!

salute to the girl on the video. first part was quite boring though, :p. but i do ask the same question she asked on the latter part, something to do with financing wars instead of making this world a better place.. easy to say…

anyway, in line with this…. i just have to say it, am a christian. roman catholic to be specific, but i don’t believe that there is a supreme religion in this world. religion, like culture is a way of life. no idea why people creates such a big deal on the indifferences. respect each other’s beliefs, that is the way. for as long as you do no harm to other people or to yourself, don’t have to worry about anything. well, that’s just me…. i steer myself away from conversations about this very sensitive topic – religion. some people can be very defensive/offensive when the topic is put up, i – just zip my mouth and never retort back to any comments. otherwise, it can end up messy or worst yet, may not end at all… so i steer myself away from these kind of conversations. my stand is, there is no supreme religion. respect each other’s beliefs and the world will be a better place.

was supposed to meet up with the trainor earlier at the gym, but then something came up at work. drained all the energy out of me.. walked out of the office with a grim face. didn’t feel like running on the treadmill and doing the “military” training at the gym. so i walked out of the office, went to meet my friends and played bowling. ssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhh…… trainor didn’t know. hehehehe. after 2 games which i both lost and 2 chipped nails, we called it a night. still, i wasn’t on form. friends noticed am not my hyperactive-self, no jokes to throw at them, no silly things done – nothing. silent the whole evening. well, there was the occassional trash-talking (am not very good at any sports but am very good at trash-talking, the kind which will make you go mad and just throw the bowling ball or whatever the hell you call it , at me to shut me up – but then you can’t and won’t do it, ‘coz you yourself is laughing at my trash-talks, no matter how idiotic it may seem) but other than that, nothing. no comical stories, no non-stop chattering about work, no nothing. i was boring this evening. i know, so sorry to the girls and a boy. the last passenger i had really did drained me and the worst thing about it was – it was entirely my fault, hence the bad feeling the whole evening.

gotta go, not in a perfect mood.


Learning from her mistakes….

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