Beautiful Cotswold Villages: Lower Slaughter

lower slaughter, cotswold, england
Another picture-perfect Cotswold village is the Lower Slaughter, famous for the stream running through the village with limestone cottages around it and of course the converted Old Mill.

We passed by the beautiful village of Lower Slaughter on our way to Bourton-On-The-Water, we were planning to visit it the next day before going home. However, as we’ve basically explored much of Bourton and we still had quite a few hours to kill before bedtime (lol) we decided to drive to Lower Slaughter on the same day since it’s just 5 minutes away anyway.

lower slaughter, cotswold, england

“Slaughter? Like a slaughterhouse? Where are you taking me?” the very worried Greek Mister asked me when I told him where we’re going, like I could slaughter him? Who’s going to drive me around? Lol.

lower slaughter, cotswold, england

The old English name for a wetland is slough which is where Lower Slaughter got its name from. And yes, there’s an Upper Slaughter too which we passed by as well but didn’t get a chance to stop in.

lower slaughter, cotswold, england

The River Eye flows through the village and is crossed by two small bridges. Beautiful limestone cottages surround the river which makes a beautiful scenery when put all together.

lower slaughter, cotswold, england

I had a fun time taking photos of the houses but I noticed that some of them have put up a note of “No Photos Please”. Lol, I can only imagine how fed up the residents are of tourists like me taking photos of their area. I’m a law abiding citizen and I do respect other people’s privacy so no, I didn’t take photos of those houses which had that sign.

lower slaughter, cotswold, england

The Old Mill is its main tourist attraction. It was last used commercially in 1958 and now houses a museum where you can learn the history of bread making and how mills work as well as a tea and gift shop.

the old mill at lower slaughter, cotswold, england

There are two very pretty hotels in the area, one is The Slaughters Country Inn which I couldn’t take a photo of from where I was standing and the other’s The Slaughters Manor House which I was cheekily taking photos of from the wall but didn’t realize that there’s a side entrance beside the church. Lol.

the slaughters country inn at lower slaughter, cotswold, england
the slaughters manor house at lower slaughter, cotswold, england

It’s a small village so we didn’t stay very long. Still one of the most scenic ones that we’ve visited though. 🙂

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lower slaughter, cotswold, england

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  • Tanja/The Red Phone Box travels October 21, 2020 at 13:52

    I don’t know what to say really, they all look so pretty and inviting:)

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