For Your Korean Cuisine Cravings: Lime Orange

Lime Orange Restaurant, London, England
Lime Orange is a family-run restaurant serving authentic Korean dishes that will surely satisfy your Korean flavour cravings.

I was invited by Lime Orange to try out their dishes before the lockdown but I wasn’t able to get around to it so we had to postpone it until dining out is allowed again. Having said that, it was the first restaurant we visited as soon as lockdown for food establishments were lifted. 

We walked in a rather empty restaurant, it actually looked like it was close from the outside. I remember them saying that we should go there earlier than 6pm when they first invited me before covid-19 because it’s normally packed and busy for dinner. I felt sad seeing how empty it was when we arrived. Thankfully, some other customers arrived while we were having our meal – it wasn’t packed but I’m glad that business is slowly coming in. Hopefully, it will just be a matter of time before it gets busy again for them. 

There was a hand sanitizer dispenser by the door and the tables were separated with glass panels. As weird as it felt, this is I think the new reality that we’re now supposed to embrace. Protect ourselves and the others from spreading the virus and if you ask me, it was quite impressive what they’ve done. 

Kimchee at Lime Orange Restaurant, London, England

You’ll have to access their website for the menu as part of their contactless practice, they just got more brownie points from me. I love how dedicated they were with their post lockdown practices and it eased my mind that they’re probably doing the same in their kitchen. 

We were asked what we wanted, we decided that we’ll just leave it to them what they want to whip out from their kitchen that they think we should try. We were invited by them after all. For me, as long as it’s instagrammable it’s good but of course it has to taste good too otherwise what’s the point? Lol. 

Japchae at Lime Orange Restaurant, London, England

For starters, we had japchae which is a staple for a Korean meal for me. It’s my absolute favourite however unfortunately, my friend C and I thought that theirs was a bit dry. 🙁

Japchae at Lime Orange Restaurant, London, England

The tofu kimchee on the other hand was extraordinary! The tofu was crispy and was served with kimchee and slices of sesame pork. It’s a party of flavours in your mouth with every bite. 

Tofu Kimchee at Lime Orange Restaurant

My favourite among all the starters was the spicy calamari most definitely. It was perfectly fried, crispy and not soggy even with the sweet and sour sauce. The flavours and the texture were so good! 

Spicy Calamari at Lime Orange Restaurant

For our main, we had a pork bulgogi to share which I’ve never had before. I’ve always gone for beef bulgogi which is soy-based. I didn’t realize that the pork version of bulgogi is gochujang-based (spicy chilli pepper). While it wasn’t what I was expecting, I actually liked it.

Pork Bulgogi at Lime Orange Restaurant

My friend C found it a bit too spicy though, I on the other hand didn’t think it was. Lol. That or maybe because I keep on eating it with a spoonful of rice. It’s really good wrapped in lettuce with other vegetable slices. Don’t get me wrong, C pulled through and still finished her half of the pork bulgogi. Here she is happily preparing it before gobbling it all down. :p

Pork Bulgogi at Lime Orange Restaurant

We both had tea after our meal and walked out of the restaurant with a full tummy. Will I go back? Yes definitely, I would want to try their beef bulgogi and some of the Korean fried chicken. 

Lime Orange Restaurant, London, England

Note: I was a guest of Lime Orange and received this meal on a complimentary basis. Now before you judge me for accepting something for free during these times, I contacted them beforehand and told them that we’ll pay for the meal ourselves. They didn’t let us though when we were already there even after insisting so many times. Hence in this case, I need to dine there again soon and feast on their dishes to give it back to them. Not that I have any objections to it. Lol. 

Special thanks to my friend C for being my model once again for this blog. 🙂

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  • vinneve July 28, 2020 at 08:38

    Oh, I like Korean foods too!

  • Utubemome July 24, 2020 at 10:29

    Looks yum!

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