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September 19, 2011

For the past few days, we (that’s me and the boyfriend) were exploring different restaurants around Dubai as he’s currently staying in neighboring emirate of Ajman for now. Takes him about 40minutes to get to Dubai and back, in this case – alcohol consumption is not really an option for him since being caught driving under the influence of alcohol here in the UAE will be subject to jail time and deportation afterwards. So, without any other choice, we were just mostly eating or it’s just me drinking my vodka/sprite (whenever permissible) while he drinks his cola on the rocks. 🙂

I have been asking him to come with me to PF Chang’s to try their cuisine but since he’s not really fond of oriental cuisine, he suggested we go to Tokyo @ the Towers for dinner as our very first date last week which is the closest I can get to oriental food when I’m with the boyfriend. It’s located at the always-empty Emirates Towers and I was quite impressed of the reviews I read from Time Out Dubai about this particular Japanese restaurant. As soon as we were seated by the very friendly attendant, we ordered miso soup and shrimp tempura for starters and chicken and salmon teriyaki as main courses. We were given Japanese crackers while waiting for our food to be served which I practically finished all. 🙂 I also like how the restaurant maintained the very japanese ambiance of their place and they even had private rooms for big groups of diners which is designed as a typical japanese room.

photo taken from timeoutdubai

Anyhow, so our starters came and the miso soup was too sour while the shrimp tempura tasted like it was cooked in the morning and was reheated in a microwave oven before it was served to us. Yes, I was very very disappointed as I’ve read some really good reviews about this place so I was expecting that it’ll be really really good but my tongue vehemently begged to disagree with all those positive reviews. Well at least for the starters, but the main course brought it right back to its feet as it was just very tasty. My chicken teriyaki was masterfully done (tender and juicy) while the boyfriend’s salmon teriyaki was amazing.

Chicken Teriyaki

Salmon Teriyaki

After dinner, we went to the adjacent bar called Harry Ghatto’s which is also a karaoke place. No, I did not sing. I should have! I wanted to but the boyfriend begged me not to. 🙁 We paid a total of AED303.20 (with 20% discount) for the night.

Next stop was Sabella at Kempinski Ajman last Thursday. I was too engrossed with the food that I was eating as it was the second best Italian restaurant I’ve ever been to here in the UAE (the best of course is Sicilia at Ibn Battuta Gate Hotel) that’s why there were no photos taken and I don’t even know how much the bill was. All I remember was I ordered this amazing home-made spaghetti with tomato sauce and chicken with a hint of spice and the boyfriend ordered a thin-crust, very crispy, oven-baked pizza with prosciutto. It was delicioso! I promise though that when I go back there, I’ll find out what that dish was.

Kempinski, Ajman

The next day, we went to K Grill at Kempinski Mall of the Emirates. That weekend was a Kempinski getaway I must say. 🙂 Anyway, we normally don’t fancy going to high-end, classy restaurants and we didn’t know that K Grill was one until we walked into it. Well ok, it’s probably not as fancy as I think it was but any restaurants which gives me a really huge plate with a tiny serving of meat in the middle of it, sprinkled with leaves and dots of unknown liquids around the plate to make it pretty is considered classy and high end for me. I don’t like it. If you’re going to give me a huge plate then the meat served in it should justify your logic of why you used that particular size of a plate. Right? Well, that’s just me. The plus-side of this restaurant though is that all of the staff were very friendly, knowledgeable of the meals they serve and most specially – they’re all good-looking. 🙂 Seriously! So I ordered grilled hammour while the boyfriend ordered rib-eye steak. The cute friendly waiter told us that starters are not listed on the menu as it’s served complimentary. What I thought was a one-time serving of the appetizers was actually a four-course starters. They first gave us bread with 3 choices of condiments along with it, then came the 3 choices of cold starters (which we didn’t really like), then another 3 choices of hot starters (chicken liver was fantastic!) and last but not the least, a tomato soup.

Tomato soup, yum!

After all of those starters, the main course finally arrived. The boyfriend was becoming a bit impatient already as he’s already very hungry and they kept bringing us appetizers. Well, when I saw the size of the meat served, I understood then what they were doing to us – they want us to be full with all those appetizers so we won’t nag about the fact that we probably paid for the size of the plate and not the food in it.

The whole size of the plate won't even fit in my camera. 🙂

MY grilled hammour was ok, nothing special about it but the boyfriend’s rib eye was great. I hoped I had ordered rib-eye steak as well. Boo hoo! 🙁 We paid a total bill of AED288 for the 2 main courses and one bottle of Evian water (I told you it’s fancy!) and that’s after my 20% discount. 🙂

Disclaimer: There is nothing wrong with this restaurant, I just don’t fit there as I’m too much of a cowgirl for that fancy crap. :p

Last restaurant for the weekend was Barrio Fiesta, the Filipino restaurant at Burjuman Mall. We were supposed to try out the newly opened Max’s Restaurant but it was so packed and a lot of people were waiting to be seated and because we were already very hungry, we opted to just eat at the nearby mall. We ordered bulalo (beef bone marrow soup), grilled okra and eggplant, grilled squid and 2 cups of rice. Again, we were both very hungry so I was not able to take photos. The bulalo tasted funny though, it had ginger in it and somehow a bit sour for a bulalo. I don’t remember seeing any recipes for bulalo which had ginger in it. (Barrio Fiesta, why are you ruining our bulalo?????) If I had known, I would have brought the boyfriend in Chowking (best bulalo ever!!!!). The grilled squid was tasty although a bit overcooked (I developed arm muscles while trying to cut the squid with my spoon and fork). I found it funny though to see the boyfriend gobble all of the beef meat in the bulalo and he almost finished the 2 cups of rice served to us (on the way to the restaurant he was making fun of Filipinos for not preferring to have bread in our meals instead of rice). So yes, I guess he liked Barrio Fiesta’s bulalo. I paid AED111.00 as a total bill.

After that week, I gained 3 pounds. I kid you not. Well as my motto goes, life is too short to say no to food. 🙂

Next stop will be an Iraqi restaurant in Deira.

How about you? What’s your new gastronomic discovery here in Dubai?

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