Leptokaria, Greece: Your Guide To 12 Hours of Non-Stop Eating and Drinking at Medusa Seafood Restaurant

Medusa Seafood Restaurant, Leptokarya, Greece

Before heading to Leptokaria to meet his friends, The Greek Mister warned me already that it’s a place known to them where they would sit, eat and drink for 12 hours straight basically having their asses imprinted on the seats by the time they leave. I have heard a lot about their epic Leptokaria getaways several times that I, myself got curious as to what’s so special about the place and what exactly do they do for the whole 12 hours? I can’t imagine myself eating and drinking for the whole 12 hours so I took on the challenge and joined The Greek Mister with his friends one Saturday afternoon and went to Leptokaria.

Rule # 1: Choose a beach.

Leptokarya, Greece

Leptokarya, not the best I’ve seen but that’ll do. 🙂

Not hard to do so in Greece when you can find one nearby in any city that you’re in. Leptokaria is located at the foot of Mount Olympus. Yes, the mountain famously known to be the home of the Greek Gods and Goddesses according to Greek mythology. Upon entering this resort-town, you immediately feel the vibrant atmosphere and the liveliness of the whole place – you know that it’s a party place. I have to admit though that beach is not the best I’ve seen in Greece in fact, it’s probably the worst one I’ve seen. I was warned ahead of time by The Greek Mister of this so I didn’t really have high expectations of it.

Rule # 2: Choose a beachfront taverna with a clean toilet and serves great food.

Medusa Seafood Restaurant, Leptokarya, Greece

Medusa Seafood Restaurant

Medusa Seafood Restaurant is just one of the many tavernas lined up along the beach of Leptokaria. I loved the very laidback, come-as-you-are feel to it without sacrificing basic human needs like I don’t know, a clean toilet for example. Clean toilet is very important if you’re going to stay in one place for 12 hours straight. Now that we’ve talked about the toilet, you also have to make sure that the taverna you’ve chosen will serve great food. For the whole 12 hours of our stay, I was trying out all the dishes looking for something to complain about – I couldn’t find anything. The first 6 hours of our stay was focused on seafood with tsipouro* and every single dish served to us was fresh and cooked to perfection. I specifically loved the seafood spaghetti served to us as I was craving for pasta that day.

The last half of our 12-hour stay in Medusa Seafood Restaurant was focused on meat and beer*. I ordered a pork steak of course and ooohhh la la! It was worth all the inches I’ve gained on my belly area after that feast.

Medusa Seafood Restaurant, Leptokarya, Greece

Ohhh la la! Pork!!!

* The Greeks have their way of drinking a specific alcoholic drink with specific dishes. Seafood dishes are to be eaten with tsipouro or ouzo while meat is to be eaten only with beer. If you don’t eat the correct dish with its corresponding alcoholic drink, you are to be considered a big malaka.

Rule # 3: Good company.

Medusa Seafood Restaurant, Leptokarya, Greece

The Greek Mister and his friends. they’re not crying. They’re laughing too much that it put tears in their eyes. :p

We went there with The Greek Mister’s friends – some of them I’ve already met prior while some of them I’ve met only for the first time. They were his long-time friends and he has spoken highly of them since I met him. I like getting to know his friends because through them, I get to know how The Greek Mister was prior to meeting him. I highly enjoyed their company as they all made me feel welcome and a part of their group.

Rule # 4: Make sure that the taverna is owned by a friend.

The most important rule to have an epic 12-hour non-stop drinking and eating is to do it at a friend’s family-run taverna I suppose. That way, you’re sure that you’ll only get the freshest ingredients, the best service and a discount after almost emptying their fridge of their alcoholic drinks. I was informed that they do this every summer, I’m not sure though if the friend’s family who owns the taverna is looking forward to it every year.

It was a great time with great company and great food. I would love to do it again next time. 🙂

Medusa Seafood Restaurant
Tel No. +30 2352 033378

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  • Andy July 27, 2015 at 12:05

    What an awesome idea! I’m practically salivating going through the pictures and while I completely get how to notion of an all-day eating binge doesn’t appear to make sense, this seems like a dream world! So at the end of the day’s intense eating and drinking; how much is the average bill?!

    • Pinay Flying High July 27, 2015 at 17:18

      I must admit that it was more enjoyable that it actually seems. It’s basically like staying on a beach with food and drinks all day but not focusing on the food and drinks alone – the company you’re with is very important.
      The total cost was EUR175. Not sure how much discount was given. :p

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