Leong’s Legend Bottomless Dimsum

Leong's Legend Bottomless Dimsum
Leong's Legend Bottomless Dimsum priced at GBP22 via TimeOut London.

I told myself that I wouldn’t write much about food in this blog as often as I did and will focus more on the mundane things I do in London. However, much of what I do here is eat so I guess food blogging is quite inevitable. Lol.

London is an expensive city though to be dining out regularly so whenever I see a good deal anywhere, I grab it immediately. Seeing Leong’s Legend Bottomless Dimsum offer on Time Out London and not buying it is a next-level of stupidity in my personal opinion.  I mean, what’s a better deal than an unlimited food? Nada! 

Leong's Legend Bottomless Dimsum

Priced at GBP22 per person, you’ll have over 40 dishes to choose from and have 90 minutes to stuff yourself. To avoid food wastage (or maybe people just taking the piss), you’re allowed to order three dishes per guest on your first order. Followed by two baskets per guests then one basket per guest until you’re full. For that price, you also get a glass of prosecco each.

Leong's Legend Bottomless Dimsum

I went there with a goal, I was going to make the most out of this meal that I’d walk out of there with all the dishes they have in my tummy. I didn’t achieve that goal though because after the third order, we were both extremely full. Service was quick, which we didn’t expect since it was quite busy when we went there on a Friday night. We weren’t left waiting for a long time in between our orders which worked out well since we only had 90 minutes for this bottomless deal.

Leong's Legend Bottomless Dimsum

While the service was quick, it wasn’t really the friendliest. The husband ordered his third glass of beer from the staff who was cleaning the table next to ours and he was obviously irritated by the fact that the husband disturbed his cleaning. Lol. We just laughed it off. I’m not going to take it against them because they may not be friendly but they’re super quick and efficient and I think that’s the most important. We didn’t go there to make friends, we went there to eat and they delivered so it’s all good to me. 

Leong's Legend Bottomless Dimsum

Highlight of our meal was definitely the xiao long bao soup dumpling, it’s what they’re famous for and it’s actually the first time that I’ve eaten it. It’s a dumpling with meat and soup inside, the burst of flavourful soup in your mouth as you bite into it was extremely satisfying! It’s definitely something that must be ordered when you’re in Leong’s Legend.

Leong's Legend Bottomless Dimsum

Will I go back? Oh definitely! I think the deal was superb and really good value for money considering the quality of food they served. The deal is valid until 13th April 2020 and you can buy your voucher here

Leong's Legend Bottomless Dimsum


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