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last night with mom

November 20, 2009

so this has been an overdue post i know. the new work schedule has been eating my head up for the past few days now and the workload is just totally outrageous (sp.?) so let me set the time back a little (a week to be exact).

so november 12, all of us (mom, aunt, brother, sister-in-law, cousin and i) headed to dubai terminal 3 to bid our last farewell to the manila group. my mom will be staying back for a couple more hours as her flight departs at 2 in the morning of 13th November (freaky i know). so we went back to the hotel to gather our things up and have a quick nap to make the most out of the late check-out time they granted us. brought all the leftovers at my apartment which was literally 2 blocks away from the hotel we stayed at and then while my mom dozed off to sleep some more i prepared myself for what’s about to happen that night. (waterworks will run dry…)

we forgot to eat lunch, well not exactly but my mom was sleeping all throughout the day that i didn’t even bother to wake her up to have lunch when all i could offer was a peanut butter sandwich. hehehe. so at 6pm we went to dubai marina’s jumeira beach residence together with my roomate kikibells to have dinner at Dashidai, mom was craving for chinese food and i just took a shot on this restaurant.

at Dashidai….

the ambience was good, the decor was a bit too posh for me (it looks like it’s going to eat up my whole allowance just by looking at the interior decor of this restaurant) and the staff were all very nice, warm and friendly. we ordered shrimp siu mai (as spelled on their menu), beef with vegetables (i forgot how it’s called), tiny pechays (of course i made the name up), vegetable spring rolls, seafood fried rice and of course beijing duck (better known to us filipinos as peking duck). so let me rate each orders according to its taste:

1. shrimp siu mai – 18
2. beef with vegetables – 11
3. tiny pechays – 11
4. vegetable spring rolls – 14
5. seafood fried rice – 20
6. beijing duck – 25

and that is on a scale of 1 – 10, 10 being the highest. and i kid you not with these rankings as it will surpass the scale if ranked – for real. every single thing tasted so well specially the beijing duck. so good that we keep on ordering extra pancakes to wrap the duck meat with as we’re eating so little of it to make it last longer. hahaha. the taste has its price though, we paid around 400 dirhams for a meal for 4 women (compared to the 500 dirhams for a meal for 7 people with 3 heavy-eater men at Urbano restaurant, the Italian pizzeria at souk al bahar opposite the musical fountain) which is expensive for peasants like we are. but what the heck, it’s for my mother! and i think she deserves to eat something as tasty as it is, it’s not like i can cook something like that for her right? :p while having dinner, my mother told stories about me when i was little and how i was the only child she bore without having any complications during her pregnancy (all my 4 other siblings were problematic hehehe). see? even as a fetus, i bring forth happiness, tranquility and peace – then adolescence happened. :p

friends and mom

after dinner, we had a walk at The Walk – the place where i usually go on a weekend to just relax, have coffee and enjoy the good-looking people walking around me which is a real feast for my eyes. good heavens! we headed back to my apartment at 10pm then went to the airport. stayed there for 2 hours with my mom while waiting for the flight.

as we started walking towards the passport control, i began to cry. i did not cry because she was leaving and have no idea when i will be able to see her again, i cried to make ammends for not crying when i was 8 before she left the Philippines. i know that this is just the start of the many trips we are going to have and i will bet my whole inheritance (if i have any) that next year, we will see each other again. D-E-F-I-N-I-T-E-L-Y!

i would like to thank these people for making this reunion work:

1. first and foremost to Sherry, for giving her full support to my mom to go out of the country and take over her business while she’s away. if not for her, this whole trip would have been a waste as my mom had problems with going out of the country for the sole reason of not being able to leave her patients to someone not trustworthy enough.

2. my sister, ate Nancy – the assistant manager (haha!) for assuring our mother that everything will go well in the states and for her not to worry and enjoy her short stay in Dubai.

3. my aunt – her unselfish nature and financial capabilities made this trip possible. it is her wish for all of us to be altogether in one place. she wants nothing but my mother and her children be together once again.

4. my colleagues and supervisor – for allowing me to take a week off on a peak season. 😀

5. the company i’m working for – for the staff tickets and staff visa processings. the joy of having these benefits.

November 5 – 12, 2009 – the days of pure joy and happiness. 🙂

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