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Lass O'Richmond Hill, Pubs In London
Looks can be deceiving, this rather humble-looking pub from the main road has a huge indoor seating area plus a garden at the back. And with the quality of food they serve, Lass O’Richmond Hill is not to be overlooked.

They say, don’t judge the book by its cover – this couldn’t be more apt to Lass O’Richmond Hill which we have passed by many times while waiting for the bus at the stop next to it. From the main road, it looked like the pub where you go to when you’re already drunk and you’ve been kicked out by the previous establishment you were in for being too rowdy and this is the only place who can put up with your sh*t. I don’t know why it gave me that impression but I didn’t have any inclination to step foot inside it whatsoever – that’s until Facebook.

Lass O'Richmond Hill, Pubs In London

The power of social media is real, at least for me. It makes me do things that I won’t normally do and somehow, it opens my eyes to what I’ve been missing. That’s a tad too dramatic for a pub right? Let’s just say, I saw their Facebook post a few weeks ago with a photo of their garden and I was flabbergasted that it actually had a garden. A good-looking one at that too, at least on the photo.

Lass O'Richmond Hill, Pubs In London

So for our weekend pub walk one Saturday morning, we decided to go to Lass O’Richmond Hill through Richmond Park. Of course we had to stop at the Roebuck for a drink, can’t miss this view when we’re around the area right?

Richmond Hill, Richmond, London, England
Roebuck, Richmond Hill, London, England

Due to their covid-19 protocols, entrance to the pub was through their “garden” at the back. I wasn’t very thrilled with their garden though as it was basically a part of their car park but I was pleasantly surprised when I walked in the pub – it was bigger than I expected it to be! I’ve always thought that they’ll just have about 6 tables inside. Lol. I wasn’t able to take a lot of photos though as there were quite a few diners around.

Lass O'Richmond Hill, Pubs In London

Everything will have to be ordered through their app which was quite easy to use and to be honest, I prefer it that way. I ordered The Lass Burger which was so tasty and juicy. The husband ordered a pie which he liked but wished that he ordered a burger as well after seeing mine.

The Lass Burger, Lass O'Richmond Hill, Pubs In London

More than the great food and the (surprisingly) pleasant surroundings, what we really loved about Lass O’Richmond Hill was the service. We had a young and very energetic woman serving us who had a comedic flair. I’ve never seen the husband laugh that much in a pub. We’ll probably go back there to see her again more than anything. :p

All in all superb meal! Thanks to Facebook for making this pub known to us.

Lass O’Richmond Hill

8 Queen’s Rd, Richmond TW10 6JJ

We paid a total of £47.00 for 2 mains and 3 glasses of beer

Visit their website for more information.

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Lass O'Richmond Hill, Pubs In London

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