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La Veranda @ Jumeira Beach Hotel

November 17, 2010

the eid holiday has become our official restaurant/bar hopping days, taking advantage of what’s left with my entertainer vouchers (which i must say is truly worth the AED289 that i paid to buy the whole book as i’ve already saved more than that amount for the past year with all our dining outs).

the boyfriend is a very big fan of dining out “al-fresco” style so after my research on timeoutdubai, i’ve finally decided to try La Veranda at Jumeira Beach Hotel.

the ambiance: if having the 7-star hotel in all it’s majestic structure in front of you is not a good ambiance, then tell me what is…. well, i WILL tell you what is: a more spacious veranda to give you enough room to move around and not make you sit on a chair with your chest touching the edge of the table because the guest at the table behind you is too huge that he occupies his and 1/2 of your space in this veranda. but anyway, the restaurant is not posing as a high-class dining one and it’s actually a beachfront restaurant where people wearing nothing but an oversized shirt over their bikinis go for dining after lazing under the sun or swimming at the beach. it’s also a family-friendly restaurant, in fact it’s too family-friendly that it scares the bejesus out of me (coming from someone who gets extremely annoyed by kids running all over the place or a baby crying wailing to get the attention of the mother who’s too busy sipping wine) anyway, i guess i was just expecting too much from the restaurant but I would have really liked it even more if it was spacious enough for two people to be dine in to without the feeling of rushing to finish their meals to avoid further disturbance from the sounds of the toddlers all around you.

the view of the Burj though from this restaurant is magnificent! it would have been a very romantic place to go to for dining.

staff: are very friendly and nice.

service: was quite ok. the main course took a lot of time though but the appetizer was delivered to us in no more than 10minutes so i would say it was ok.

food: is extremely good. what this restaurant lacked in space (and privacy) they definitely made up for it with the quality of the food they serve. for a moment there, i totally forgot about the baby wailing at the next table, instead i heard a chorus of angels singing “hallelujah” as i took my first bite of our pork cappriciosa pizza. the tortiglioni al pesto di basilica e olive taggiasche is not a pasta, it’s a poem… well, at least i thought it was until i tasted the rich flavors of olive oil as i took the first fork-full amount of this poetic pasta. :-p the pizza was thin and crispy (exactly the way i like it) and the pasta was just amazing! DELICIOSO!!!!

price: the bill we paid for 2 person (1 pizza, 1 pasta, 1 bottle of water, 3 glasses of beer, 1 glass of 7-up) was around AED250 which is already after my entertainer voucher discount. so it is on a pricier side BUT the food is all worth it. truly amazing.

rating: 9.5 out of 10. the .5 less was for the lack of space. will i ever come back? oh yes! definitely! specially after the guests at the other table ordered a mouthwatering calzone, i would like to try that. 🙂

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