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Dubai: Kosebasi in Jumeira Beah Residence

December 25, 2012

I was warned beforehand about this restaurant but I’ve ignored these warnings because I’m a tough kid like that. Which is the reason why from this day on, 25th December 2012, I shall now use “Kosebasi” as a word for a bad customer service. Yes, it was that bad. I don’t even know if I can describe it as a restaurant with the worst service ever because there was no service at all. I was so close to be doing this:


Let me tell you the whole story, we arrived at the restaurant at around 6pm with a few tables occupied and noone to greet us at the entrance. We don’t really mind that part as we could’ve gotten ourselves a table if there was an empty, clean table left. I kid you not, there were about 5 tables which need to be cleaned and 4 servers mingling around the place like they could care less about the customers waiting to be seated or the tables waiting to be cleaned. At that moment, I somehow already knew that we’re up for an experience (a bad one) and I should have followed my intuition to slowly walk away from the place to save ourselves. However, a friendly Indian waiter saw us and finally lead us to a clean table, gave us the menu and vanished with a * POOF *. 20 minutes later and after the third time of calling the waiters’ attention, our order was taken. Another 20 minutes or so, the appetizers arrived without the complimentary arabic bread so we asked for it, 4 times, to 4 different waiters before it finally arrived. Then our main courses arrived and the waiter who clearly isn’t trained to handle multiple plates at once placed some of the bowls and plates of our main course on top of the used plates that we were using for the appetizer. It was ridiculous, seriously. Of course the extra fries that we’ve ordered along with our main course was not include so we had to ask the waiters again, 3 times before it arrived on our table. We didn’t even bother with the dessert and the boyfriend wanted to order a pepsi after the meal and just decided against it as well since it may arrive an hour later when all we really wanted to do is to get out of that place and never to set foot there again. They were quick and prompt on one thing though, giving us the bill. Well that’s something, right?

What about the food you may ask, I was so disappointed and was full of rage inside of me because of their non-existent service that I can’t even remember how the food tasted like. I don’t even have an opinion on it but for sure if it was great then I would’ve remembered it. So I guess it wasn’t that great.

Mixed grill

Mixed grill

Price-wise it was ok, reasonably priced I may say and the ambiance is lovely specially at this time of the year. Well wherever you eat at the JBR The Walk will have the same ambiance so might as well go some place else until this restaurant finally learns how to deal with customers.

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