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Korean Garden Restaurant, Doha

The glittering lights outside of the restaurant which reminds you of Christmastime no matter what time of the year it is sucks you right in to it until you finally give in and pull over to see what this restaurant is all about. We’ve been meaning to do that everytime we pass by the restaurant but it just so happens that whenever we do see it, we’re just on our way home from dinner. So one Wednesday evening, my friend N and I decided to meet there for dinner and satisfy this curiosity that I’ve been having about Korean Garden Restaurant once and for all. Good thing that my friend is just as adventurous as I am when it comes to trying out restaurants we know nothing about.

I’m not an expert on Korean food, I only know two dishes – bibimbap and bulgogi which I think are the two most popular from this cuisine. I asked my friend if she’s ever had this cuisine before or know anything about it, she doesn’t and can only tell me that someone advised her to have that beef dish which goes “ssssssssss”. That’s bulgogi I suppose, the beef which sizzles. She’s cute like that. Knowing how typical Asian restaurants have their dishes served in huge portions, we just ordered two – bulgogi and steamed dumpling.

As with any Korean restaurants, 6 kinds of appetizers immediately came to our table after placing our order. We of course started the feast but with caution since most of the appetizers served were a bit spicy. There were few other tables occupied that night but the service was quick and attentive. We didn’t wait for long until we heard the “sssssss” sound of the sizzling bulgogi coming towards our table.

Korean Garden Restaurant, Doha

Bulgogi was amazing! The beef strips were marinated in barbecue sauce which gives a slight hint of sweet and spicy flavor. Every piece of beef was devoured either by wrapping it with the lettuce provided on the table or on its own with a bit of rice. My friend N loved it too.

Korean Garden Restaurant, Doha

The dumplings came a little bit later, still a bit hot from the steam – I slightly burnt my tongue due to my own carelessness. Nevertheless, dumplings were good but I think the bulgogi already took the spotlight that we couldn’t fully appreciate the dumplings anymore.

We were unable to finish everything off, it was just too much even for 2 hungry stomachs. We ordered a small pot of green tea to somehow ease the bloating that we two were having from all the food consumed. It was definitely a great dinner with an even better company with me. I’m so glad I finally got to try Korean Garden Restaurant and found a new go-to place in Doha to have my Asian food craving fix.

QR51 Steamed dumpling
QR65 Bulgogi

Korean Garden Restaurant
Ramada Junction, C Ring Road, Fereej Bin Mahmoud
Tel No. 44421853
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