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January 20, 2010

so i’m feeling guilty for not writing much here, the last blog was about my new year’s eve party which was too many days ago. just to warn you, this entry will be very pointless (not that my previous blogs made sense)…. just want to keep this blog running.

so what have i been upto?

1. i am addicted to cooking now. the once really-stupid-in-the-kitchen that i once was, is well, still stupid but at least i’m now trying to make myself aware of my ways around the kitchen. the dishes aren’t that great but well, unlike my previous attempts in cooking they are all now edible and slightly meets the taste that they’re supposed to. so far, here’s the list of my success stories in cooking:

a. beef caldereta


– but since i’m from laguna and we do caldereta with peanut butter instead of tomato sauce. so just imagine the dish on the photo with white/creamy/peanuty sauce in it.

b. adobong pusit

– by far, the easiest dish i’ve ever done.

c. shrimp with brocolli in oyster sauce

– my favorite! 🙂

d. adobong chicken gizzard

– yum yum!!!!!

e. deep-fried chicken wings

– this never fails to cheer me up after an all-hell-broke-lose day.

f. Chicken macaroni salad

– the dish I will never ever attempt to do again, unless I have someone who will dice the carrots and onions for me. Me hates dicing.

2. i’ve been keeping myself updated with the Haiti earthquake news, tuned into CNN every morning to get an update about it. Reminds about the recent typhoon in the Philippines which I’ve heard that some areas of the Philippines are still flooded up until now. I keep thinking, which one is worst – earthquake or flood? 🙁

3. i have been wanting to blog about the terrible news here in Dubai (Sheikh Issa’s acquittal and the British rape victim) but just thinking about it makes me really really upset. Are we all still safe here? Don’t get me wrong, I am still having the time of my life here and proud to be a part of the Dubaian community but there are some terrible things happening here right now that we can’t just turn our backs to. Oh well…..

4. There are lots of sectarian-related crimes happening all over the world nowadays. Arson attacks in Malaysia’s Christian churches and the gunfiring at a Coptic church in Egypt and God only knows where else. I’m a Christian, a Roman Catholic to be specific. I have 2 Hindu colleagues and 2 Muslims. We celebrate Christmas, Diwali and Ramadan by closing our shop for an hour and have pizza for lunch together. We adjust each other’s schedule to give way to those who are celebrating something related to each of our religions. We understand each other’s faith, religious customs and we acknowledge each of our differences on those matter. But they never judge me for eating pork, we never question our Muslim colleagues for going out of work several times per day to pray at the prayer room inside the mall and we never judge our Hindu colleague for having too many god’s feasts to celebrate. Understand and accept that there is no supreme religion – and the world will be a better place. Me thinks.

So much for my rambling….. right off to eat my very bland macaroni salad. Woop Woop!

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