Griffin Centre – Kingston’s Foodie Lane

Kingston-Upon-Thames, London, England
Griffin Centre in Kingston's Market Place will take you around the world one dish at a time. From New Orlean's po boys, Vietnam's pho and Portugal's pastel de nata - you'll definitely find something here to satisfy your hunger and cravings.

Support local and small businesses – that’s been my mantra for quite a long time now. There is something more special when you support these little known establishments which leaves me feeling better about my purchase. More often than not, you’ll also get better and more personal service which will make you go back for more. 

Kingston-Upon-Thames, London -

I’ve been wanting to do this post but it took me awhile to try all of the establishments in what I have declared as Kingston’s foodie lane which is Griffin Centre at the heart of the Market Place. Let’s face it, I’m not made of money and dining out everyday is not feasible for me. Now that I’ve completed it, I can’t wait to share this hidden alley with everyone.

Eat Poor Boys, Kingston Foodie Lane, London, England

First, I’ll take you to New Orleans – Eat Poor Boys which started it all for me. If you’ve been following my food account on Instagram (@thisiswhyimfat_) you’d know this place because I keep talking about it. It was the very first establishment that I went to in Griffin Centre and I just kept going back for more. 

Eat Poor Boys, Kingston Foodie Lane, London, England

They serve the best and the most fattening dishes and believe me when I tell you that it’s worth all the calories. Eat Poor Boys specializes on American and New Orleans’ classic dishes specifically “poor boys”.  Traditionally, it’s bread filled with meat and seafood scraps (hence considered as a poor man’s dish) but the dishes served at Eat Poor Boys are definitely not from scrap. 

Eat Poor Boys, Kingston Foodie Lane, London, England

On top of the great dishes they serve, service is always amazing. You’d walk out of there feeling like you’ve just seen your long lost friends because the owner and the staff are just so friendly they’d make you feel like you’ve known them for so long. 

36 Streets, Kingston Foodie Lane, London-100

Moving along, our next stop is Vietnam, 36 Streets is the new kid on the block located just next to Eat Poor Boys. While it’s still in its infancy stage, they’ve already proven that they too can keep up with the big players. I’ve already seen quite a few of their dishes on instagram since they opened and everyone’s giving them great reviews.

36 Streets, Kingston Foodie Lane, London-101

They serve fresh Vietnamese dishes cooked to perfection! I highly recommend their spring rolls as well as their hearty soup, perfect dish for the cold weather. I also love the fact that the staff gave me an alternative when I ordered two very similar dishes. 

36 Streets, Kingston Foodie Lane, London

And lastly, we’re going to Portugal which sells mouthwatering cakes and pastries. If you have a sweet tooth, don’t follow Mimosa’s instagram page because it will probably make you gain a few kilos just by following them. 

Mimosa, Kingston Foodie Lane, London-101

I don’t have a sweet tooth myself but everyday when I scroll through my Instagram feed, I see their new post which will make me drool. Their cake creations just look so perfect and so enticing that it’ll make you want to lick your phone screen. Ok maybe I’m taking it too far but you get what I mean. 

Mimosa, Kingston Foodie Lane, London-100

Again, the owner’s friendly and will give you advice on what to get and what goes with what dish. Apart from the beautiful cakes, pastries and coffee that they have, Mimosa also sells quality Portuguese products such as cheese, sausages, sardines and wines just to name a few. 

Mimosa, Kingston Foodie Lane, London-102

There are some other establishments in Griffin Centre which are either not a small business or I haven’t tried yet or not worth mentioning because I didn’t have a good experience when I tried it. Lol. Anyway, the above’s my top three favourites in Kingston’s foodie lane. I absolutely and highly recommend them! 🙂

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Kingston's Foodie Lane, London, England
Kingston's Foodie Lane, London, England
Kingston's Foodie Lane, London, England

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    Hi, it’s been a while! How are you? You make me hungry with these photos of so many foods! Great. Have fun enjoy life stay safe!

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