Things To Do in London | See The Spring Flowers in Bloom in Kew.

Kew Palace -
Kew is London's largest UNESCO World Heritage site which holds the largest collection of living plants in the world. A great day out for families.

Flowers are in bloom, weather is (a bit) warmer and children have now gone out of their winter cocoon – yes, it’s now spring in London! I have now officially witnessed the four seasons of this city since I’ve moved here last August and I can’t say I have a favorite season as of yet. I’m still embracing the change of weather (and scenery) from the desert life of the Middle East.

Kew Gardens -

Spring, I think is probably the prettiest season in London and possibly the best time to visit as well. With all the gardens and parks dotted in and around the city, this is paradise for me as I haven’t seen so much greenery and burst of colors until we moved here. Living in South West London, our apartment is a few minutes away from one of the most beautiful gardens of England – the Kew Gardens.

Kew Gardens -

Kew is London’s largest UNESCO World Heritage site which holds the largest and most diverse collection of living plants in the world. I don’t know about you but that is the kind of world record I’m more interested in as opposed to.. say the tallest building in the world. (Lol!)

Kew Palace -

Walking through Kew Gardens is both scenic and educational, you’ll find different collections of trees, plants and flowers from tropical, temperate, arid and alpine climates. There were a lot of children in school trips when I went there and I was jealous that these are the places they see on a school trip here in London. Growing up in the Philippines, I’ve never seen anything like it as a kid. Suffice to say, I was like a kid myself when I explored Kew Gardens for the first time a few weeks ago.

Kew Gardens -

It’s a great day out for families as you’ll be able to find a lot of outdoor activities which kids will enjoy. The treetop walkway allows you to walk through a canopy 18 meters above the ground and gives you a commanding view of the whole garden and beyond. My fear of heights took over me though so I wasn’t able to go up. I need someone to hold my hands as I walk through this, maybe next time. 🙂

Kew Gardens -

The 121-hectare Kew Gardens also offers a lot of cafes and restaurants and also small stores which may trigger the gardener in you. I can’t, for the life of me, take care of plants but if I could – I’d probably grow my own vegetables and flowers and buy the seeds and everything else I need from one of the shops inside Kew Gardens.

Kew Gardens -

Inside Kew Gardens, you can also find Kew Palace. Unlike any other palaces that I’ve visited, Kew Palace is probably the most modest of them all. Small, comfortable and very subdued. It was here where King George III stayed while he was being treated for his “madness”. As it wasn’t built to entertain guests, the palace doesn’t give out the royal “wow” factor which one would normally expect from a royal residence.

Kew Palace -

Kew Palace -

Kew Palace -

Kew Palace -

Queen Charlotte’s Cottage is also inside Kew Gardens but I wasn’t able to see it as I ran out of time. The garden is so big that you’d need to spend a full day here if you plan on discovering everything it has to offer. Entrance fee to Kew Gardens isn’t cheap but it’s absolutely and totally worth it.

Kew Palace -


Plan Your Visit To Kew Gardens and Kew Palace:

Ticket Price:
Adults £15.50* / £14
Children (4–16) £2.50
Children under 4 free
​Concessions £14.50* / £13
* Ticket prices include a voluntary donation
* Ticket costs also gives you an access to Kew Palace and Queen Charlotte’s Cottage.
* As I’m a member of Historic Royal Palaces, I received a 10% off the entrance fee.

Nearest tube: Kew Gardens District Line

Opening times:
Open daily at 10am
Gardens close:
6.30pm (last entry 6pm) Monday to Thursday
8.30pm (last entry 8pm) Friday to Sunday and bank holidays

Note: Kew Palace is open only from 1 April – 1 October.

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  • Tanja (the Red phone box travels) June 5, 2017 at 10:02

    so beautiful! have to visit it some time:)

  • Photo Cache May 23, 2017 at 18:06

    So jealous! How fun it is to visit all the gardens and sip tea.

  • Trainswestcan2Espano May 23, 2017 at 14:30

    Oops. Nearly forgot. GREAT photos, lovely colours

  • Trainswestcan2Espano May 23, 2017 at 14:28

    Wonderful place. It was my fortune to visit in 1990, and a few days later engage in the gentle game of golf, striking a ball across the river into the Gardens. Those who did qualified for a chance to win 500 pounds. But the next day I was not able to keep that appointment being airborne to the emirates.

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