Kew Gardens Reopens To Public

Kew Gardens JApanese Garden
A full day out destination in London, Kew Gardens is as pretty as a picture rain or shine. The beautiful and well-maintained garden will give you your much-needed green and flower fix.

Kew Gardens reopened to public last 1st of June after being closed for almost three months due to coronavirus and I couldn’t be any happier! I desperately needed a bit of normalcy in my life right now and with the opening of establishments here in London, I’m somehow getting that new normal feeling bit by bit.

Flowers in Kew Gardens, London, England

My friend C and I immediately booked our tickets for the first Friday since it reopened to get our green fix that we’ve both surely missed since lockdown started. The best part of it all is, it is currently half the price of its normal ticket. So another yay for us!

JApanese Garden in Kew Gardens

They have a limited number of tickets for sale per day to ensure that it won’t be too crowded and social distancing can still be observed. You’ll also have to prebook your entry at a specified time so it’s highly recommended to book your tickets online beforehand.

Kew GArdens, London, England

The buildings including the shops, restaurans, glasshouses and the palace will remain closed but the entire garden is accessible to public, all 320 acres of it.

The restrooms are open near each gates and there are also small carts selling refreshments like coffee, juice, water and cakes should you need it. They’ve gone cashless so all purchases must be paid by card. Victoria Gate is entrance only while Elizabeth and Lion Gates are exits only. You can use Brentford Gate as entrance and exit. 

We were too excited to visit it that we didn’t even consider the fact that the day we booked our tickets for was the coldest summer day this year. We were both freezing while exploring Kew Gardens but there’s nothing a beautiful garden can’t fix.

Kew Gardens JApanese Garden

Kew Gardens is a UNESCO World Heritage Site which holds the largest and most diverse collection of living plants in the world. Walking around it is a delight which will somehow take your mind off the fact that your legs are probably sore already. Just like my friend C who pushed through even if her injured knees were killing her because she just can’t afford to miss anything during our visit. Needless to say, she was unable to walk properly the next day – it was worth it though she said. 

Kew Palace, Kew Gardens, London, England

We were there for more than 2 hours and we didn’t even see all of it. You could easily spend a full day there as long as it wasn’t as cold as when we went. For some reason, everytime I visit Kew Gardens it’s always cloudy so I’ve never had a photo of it with a clear blue sky. I guess I’d just have to visit it again, not that I’m complaning because I can never get enought of it. 

So what about you? When are you going to visit Kew Gardens? 🙂

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Kew Gardens, London, England

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  • vinneve June 15, 2020 at 03:54

    Beautiful place! I wish you well, keep safe!

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