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June 30, 2008

alright, so. there was a whirlwind of thoughts earlier of the things i will write about for tonight, but now that am all ready to type it down it’s all gone. am i now suffering from memory gap? is this a sign of old age? hehehe. anyway, will try to write it in bits and pieces.

to start of, thanks to the pilot who gave me a wonderful gift the other day. nevermind that a day prior to that he gave me the cheesiest things…. but the gift the next day covered it all up. so….. thanks to the pilot. i need to think of something better than the vouchers. haha.

am beat. tired of everything….. every single thing. YET am happy. 😀 unbelievably happy…. i have no idea why, but i am. i sometimes think to myself if am delusional, probably – but who cares? am happy. period

finally on the house, we got a lead. mothers know best. i miss her by the way.

haven’t heard from chubby since he sent me that late night odd text message. are you still alive chubby???? getting any fatter?

right, i really and totally forgot all the things am supposed to write about. so yeah, am ending this blog right here. or should i just delete it?

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