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October 18, 2008

I have been busy for the past couple of days at work. Not really sure how I managed my work to be piled up each day plus the fact that i’ve had a lot of errors committed and discrepancies last week. Am i losing my ….. errr…. shine??? oh well, it’s a lean season now. lean season aren’t supposed to be this busy (obviously). right.

jowel just called me up and asked, no make that begged – for me to go to the oktoberfest party by the german airlines at marriott. which led me to reminisce last year’s oktoberfest. booze was overflowing and gave me a bad headache the next day at work, add to it the fact that it was during that time when i was hailed as DNATA’s dancing queen. haha! good times. still not sure if i will be attending the DWT party tonight (where am technically part of) or the HRG party next week (where my heart belongs). why not attend both parties? probably i’ll do that. yay!

weekend was unbelievably busy. thursday night, i thought i’ll be sitting at home and finally start to read that new book that i bought last week. then denden’s name came blinking on my phone and hysterically asked me where i was and if i wanted to go out that night. of course! by midnight we were in the middle of the lodge’s dancefloor which was packed! as it has always been, eyecandies were everywhere. and some weirdos as well. :p we capped the night off when a previous acquaintance came up to us and didn’t realized that he used the same pick up line to Monmon some few months ago at a different club. so…….. yep, we just had to leave then. hehehe.

the next day, i went out. hmmmm…. on a date…. another hmmmmm…. and it was A-ok. one of my weakness is the guy must be able to carry on a good and sensible conversation and yes, dear friends, he definitely can. he reminded me of the pilot. hehe. i had a great time, for real! and during the course of our conversation, he asked me – “can we do this again?” so i said, sure! and his follow up question was – “as friends?” and i almost bursted out laughing. i really am not a “date-material” am i? haha! well, whatever! i had fun and he did too (as what he claimed, but am taking his word for it). if this turns out to be one of those relationship which gets stuck on a “friendship” phase, i really don’t care. am already used to it. am actually already expecting it. life can’t be perfect for me, not just yet. i firmly believe. haha! do i sound like am convincing myself already?

out of nowhere, the date asked me – what are your standards on your future boyfriend/husband? and i gave him a very UNCLEAR view of my future hubby. while he, on the other hand, was able to give out some specifics of what he’s really looking for in a girl. does it mean anything at all?

whatever! am 24, single and ….. well, am doing fine i guess. :p

my birthday is coming up – woo hoo!!!!

and i have no plans whatsoever for that day – hu hu!!!

right, am outta here.

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