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January 8, 2009

ton: hi friend!
noemi: yes?????
ton: gotta a question for ya
ton: not sure if ya be able to help me out
noemi: shoot!
ton: who were the 3 ladies in 1000peso bill?
noemi: those are not 3 ladies, 2gents and a lady
ton: thought ladies, anyway ya know?
noemi: not sure but the girl am pretty sure is josefa llanes escoda and the one guy is vicente lim (not sure about him), 2nd guy have no idea. y?
ton: and when was philippines discovered by spain?
noemi: march 16,1521 and magellan was not spanish, he’s portuguese.
ton: haha. really? didn’t know that. thought he was spanish.
noemi: he’s portuguese, it was spain who financed his exploration that’s why they got the credits for that. why all these weird questions? you got some kind of test from your filipina gf?
ton: nope. one last question, in chemistry what is the sign for silver?
noemi: Ag
ton: they’re right!
noemi: what’s up with the questions?
ton: youre a nerd!!! they told me youre nerd and didn’t believe them til now. you know the exact date of the discovery. very impressive.
noemi: f*ck you!!!!!
ton: thanks nerd! :-*

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